WWF Championship Wrestling September 15, 1984

September 15, 1984
Your hosts are Angelo Mosca and Vince McMahon. If you haven’t heard Mosca on commentary before, you need to listen to him. Pull this up on YouTube if you must as he comes across as a very simple man.
This show was filmed during the Canadian TV tapings. During these tapings, Bret Hart and the Dynamite Kid made their WWF TV debuts teaming together against two jobbers (The match was only shown on Maple Leaf Wrestling). The next show was filmed from Poughkeepsie.
Tonight’s show includes Salvatore Bellomo vs. Greg Valentine, The WWF Ladies Tag-Team Champions Velvet McIntyre & Princess Victoria vs. Despina Montages & Leilani Kai, and Tito Santana is in action.

Salvatore Bellomo vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/Capt. Lou Albano
Vince puts over Valentine’s physique as he shoves Bellomo away. Bellomo works the arm until Valentine picks him up for a backbreaker. Bellomo fights back and connects on a dropkick before grabbing a chinlock. Bellomo breaks and hits another dropkick, which causes Valentine to consult with Albano. Back inside, Valentine drops Bellomo throat first on the ropes. Bellomo kicks out of a figure four attempt but Valentine delivers several knee smashes. He pushes Bellomo to the floor then drags him back in to continue the assault. Bellomo fights back and hits another dropkick and takes him down. He hits a few headbutts to the groin as the crowd starts to wake up. Crossbody gets two but Valentine catches him with an inverted atomic drop then puts on the figure-four for the win (6:48) *1/2.
Thoughts: Decent enough TV match. They are putting over Valentine’s figure four as a devastating finisher.
Freddie Miller interviews Paul Orndorff about his upcoming match in Boston against Tito Santana for the Intercontinental Title. Orndorff states he is proud of hurting people and that he is undefeated in the WWF. He promises victory.
Despina Montages & Leilani Kai vs. Velvet McIntyre & Princess Victoria
The tag belts are not on the line. Some in the crowd are actually whistling towards the ladies, if you can believe that. Victoria hits Montages with a few armdrags as Mosca is unintentionally hilarious on commentary. Tag to Velvet, who works the arm for a while. Kai tags in and Velvet works over her arm as well. Kai hits a few shoulderblocks but gets caught with a hiptoss. Flying headscissors gets two. Victoria tags and gets taken down by Kai. Montages tags and gets tossed down. The ref falls for Montages false claim of a hair pull and breaks a hold. The ladies work over Kai’s arm until she makes a tag. The heels double team McIntyre in the corner for a bit until she escapes. The match breaks down for a bit until Victoria cleans house. In a terribly botched spot, Montages pulls the hair of Victoria from the apron and she falls, allowing Kai to get a splash for the win (5:59) ¼*.
Thoughts: They tried but this was really rough in spots. The ending looked awful. Looks like these two teams will face off again in the future.
Freddie Miller is with Freddie Blassie and the Iron Sheik. Sheik, along with Nikolai Volkoff, will be facing Sgt. Slaughter and a mystery partner in Boston. Sheik runs down America for winning medals in the Olympics against inferior competition.
Jerry Valiant vs. Tito Santana
Both men trade forearms after a lockup. Valiant fires away but Tito fights right back. They work the double collision spot, which was performed awkwardly. They then battle over a surfboard for a few minutes until Tito wins that battle. He hits a pair of flying headscissors and connects on a dropkick. He leapfrogs over Valiant and hits the flying forearm for the win (5:32).
Thoughts: Man, this was painful. More than half of the match was watching these two fight over a surfboard move.
Gene Okerlund is backstage with “Quick Draw” Rick McGraw. This interview is torture as McGraw speaks in a low, monotone voice and says nothing at all of importance. After reading Hart’s book, he could have just been really fucked up during this. He is also wearing a suit and a tie. Okerlund is taller than him too, which doesn’t make him look good.
Sgt. Slaughter asks us to stand up for America as Vince does a voice over to send a charitable donation and an address appears on screen.
WWF Update with Vince McMahon. This week’s spotlight is on Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch. They showed a clip of them walking to the ring.
Piper’s Pit with guest Jack Tunney. Piper asks Tunney if gets all of the praising letters that he gets from his fans. Piper gets upset when Tunney tells him the fan mail for him is negative. Tunney then tells him that Hulk Hogan is the most popular wrestler and Piper gets more upset, asking why Hogan has not giving him a title shot. The interview ends in the middle of Piper ranting. This was to set up the Hogan/Piper feud.
Nick DeCarlo & “Quick Draw” Rick McGraw vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/Freddie Blassie
Crowd starts an “Iran sucks” chant as Nikolai grabs the mic so he can sing the Russian National anthem. McGraw gets a crossbody on Sheik for one then tags out. DeCarlo grabs a side headlock then hits an atomic drop. McGraw tags back in and hits a terrible looking dropkick. Sheik Tosses him into Volkoff’s foot and tags out. DeCarlo tags and Nikolai punches away. The crowd is dead for this match as Volkoff gets a slam then gets the win with a backbreaker (3:26).
Thoughts: I’m surprised that the crowd was dead for this as they are usually nuts during a Sheik match. There was only a faint chant for Slaughter and they were silent when the faces were on offense.
Final Thoughts: This show was mediocre. They planted the seeds for the Hogan/Piper feud but that is about it. The wrestling was bad and the interviews unmemorable.