BOD Daily Round-Up (4/10/13)

So after a hiatus, the Daily Round-Up is back.

First and foremost, thank you to those that have asked about the Daily Round-Up’s whereabouts. It’s mainly because of that that i’ve decided to restart this feature.

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Triple H sensationally reveals mystery white coloured substance used on Wrestlemania entrance
‘After what appears to be a malfunction with the entrance equipment, The Game suffered second degree burns from dry ice that did vaporize properly.’ –

ROH press release for their umpteenth technical issue on iPPV
‘This past weekend at Supercard of Honor, we failed to provide our fans with the best iPPV, and feel it is important that we convey how truly sorry we are for the outage that occurred during the main event.’ – actually AKNOWLEDGE ‘Bizarro-world’ crowd at Raw
What’s more shocking is Vince is said to have ‘loved’ the crowd. Wow. –

@Wrestling_Memes – Amazing! Thanks to the has made The Sun website

@MarkMaddenX –  Ha! Well, take care of urself. Poor Jerry. Gr8 guy, Last match. Ref F’s up the finish, &he gets upstaged by your rectum.

Comment of the Day 
Worst_in_the_World is a walking continent of common sense:

I wonder if Sunday was it for The Rock and WWE, at least for a loooong while. The crowd support for Rock hasn’t exactly been through the roof in his latest run, and on Sunday it was pretty non-existant. I mean, Rock had to notice getting pretty much no heat during his big main event—in the sense that as the questioner stated, all the heat was on Cena. Basically Rock was getting the exact reaction that anyone else on the roster would get standing across from Cena.
And it can’t be ignored that the whole “passing the torch” moment wipes away a huge amount of Rock’s cool factor with the fans. He came in as the bad-ass Cena destroyer, and ended up a member of the Cenation. That changes things for a lot of his fans, and there’s no doubt the crowd on Monday would have treated him WAY differently then he’s been treated since his return.
Therefore, I’m betting we don’t see Rock in the ring again. He got his return pops, made a shitload of money for himself and the company, and put over the guy he wanted to put over. Anything past this point is just a needless risk, in terms of major injuries AND having the fanbase publicly turn on him, both of which could affect his real career.
Lastly… I know their MAIN goal was to make a shitload of money on his return, and on the Mania buyrates they certainly did. But you have to assume that their second goal of the whole Rock-Cena feud was to get Cena over more, and, well, I can’t see how that was a success in any way. Giant Rock endorsement later and Cena is in the EXACT same position with the fanbase he was 2 years ago. Can’t imagine that was their hope.

On This Day…
Paul Bearer is born. Bearer would pass away only recently, and be remembered as the Undertaker’s long-time manager, as well as Mankind, and Kane. He would be remembered in the Undertaker/CM Punk angle leading up to this year’s Wrestlemania. Below is one of my favourite Bearer/Taker moments – his 2004 return as the Dead Man. (1954)

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