ROH TV 4-6-13

Adam Page & Mike
Sydal vs. ACH and TaDarius Thomas:
Sydal and ACH start, ACH gets a snapmare
and grabs a headlock, Sydal manages to get to his corner and Page tags in.
Sydal and Page get a double-team hiptoss and Page hits a standing SSP for 2.
Thomas is in on a blind tag and he kicks Page’s broken wrist. More kicks from
Thomas, then ACH and Thomas hit a double-team neckbreaker for 2. Kelly “What
does ACH stand for? We know it’s not his initials.” Actually, it is his
initials, dumbass. Backdrop suplex from Thomas, Page reverses and Irish whip
and hits a powerslam but sells the broken hand. Both guys tag out, Sydal
dropkicks ACH and hits with a neckbreaker, an attempt on Thomas is blocked but
he ends up getting a bulldog. He hits a moonsault from the top to ACH on the
floor, and back in he hooks a modified Indian deathlock. Thomas breaks it up,
ACH gets the bearhug DDT to finish at 4:07. *1/2, basically just a squash.
Scarlett Bordeaux vs.
Cherry Bomb vs. Athena vs. MsChif:
Veda Scott is on commentary. Bordeaux is
one of the girls from the Truth Martini Hoopla segment a couple weeks ago.
Athena and MsChif start, Athena hits a headscissors and Cherry tags herself in.
She and Athena do some weak looking arm-based stuff before Athena gets a rollup
for 2. Cherry gets one of her own and hits a dropkick and Athena tags MsChif
back in. She hits a sort of Fameasser for 2, but stops to scream at Bordeaux
(who actually sells it) and gets rolled up for 2. Cherry tags in Athena, who
hits a springboard crossbody and a handspring clothesline, but Bordeaux tags
herself in and goes after MsChif in the corner with the loosest shit I’ve ever
seen in my life. MsChif no-sells it (rightfully so) and comes back with some
forearms to the throat, and a knee to face gets 2. Bordeaux tags in Cherry, who
walks into a Northern lights suplex, Athena breaks up the pin. She goes up top
but gets caught by Cherry, who tries a superplex but MsChif sneaks in and powerbombs
her, Cherry holds on to Athena and she goes down with her. That’s worth ½* on
its own. Bordeaux comes in and gets 2 on everyone (despite not being legal, but
the ref counts anyway) before getting powerbombed by MsChif. Cherry takes her
out with a missile dropkick but Athena comes off the top with the O-Face to end
it at 4:47. This was pretty crappy, but there were couple decent spots. ¾*,
Veda tries to interview MsChif after the match but ends up getting the green
mist in the face. Man, between that and the S.C.U.M thing shown 2 weeks ago she’s
having a pretty rough night.
Inside ROH: Just
hype for the already happened PPV.
Pepper Parks vs.
Roderick Strong:
Parks is a fellow Buffalonian, and a regular in ESW, my
hometown indy. It’s going to be weird to see him wrestle without the crowd
chanting “Olive Garden” (he’s a waiter there for his day job, if you’re ever in
Buffalo and want to meet him). He also has the least intimidating name for a
wrestler ever. They lock up and do some arm-based chain wrestling before Strong
takes Parks down with a kick. He chops away in the corner, Parks comes back with
a neckbreaker for 2. He misses a blind charge, reverses an Irish whip but runs
into an elbow on another blind charge. He tries the blind charge a third time
and eats a boot to the face, Strong hits a side slam for 2. Parks bails to the
apron, Strong follows and tries a suplex, Parks blocks it and they slug it out
before Parks hits a knee to the face and sends Strong to the floor. Back in it
gets 2, Strong reverses a fireman’s carry into a rollup and kicks him in the
face for 2. Strong hits a jumping knee in the corner and puts Parks on the top
turnbuckle, but the superplex is blocked and Parks comes off the top with a
neckbreaker. Strong comes back with another jumping knee and the double knee
gutbuster, and Parks taps to the Stronghold at 5:20. **, I don’t have anything
else to add here.
ROH Tag Team Title:
Forever Hooligans vs. reDRagon (c):
Given that Fish and O’Reilly defended
the titles Friday night the result here is a forgone conclusion, but this
should at least be a pretty good match. Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards join
us for commentary. Koslov and O’Reilly start, Koslov tries to get a “Russia”
chant going but the crowd ain’t having that shit. O’Reilly throws some kicks,
Koslov takes him down with a dropkick to the knee and tags in Romero and they
do some double-team stuff. O’Reilly gets a jawbreaker on Romero and tags in
Fish and a forearm battle breaks out, Romero wins that with an eye poke and
hits a nice headscissors. Fish tries to come back with some kicks but gets
taken down on a leapfrog attempt and Koslov is back in. And now an argument
breaks out between the Hooligans over who gets to beat on Fish, but they hug it
out before they come to blows. Koslov ends up on the apron on a blind charge,
Fish tries to knock him off but Koslov pulls down the top rope, so O’Reilly
takes him down with a kick to the face. Fish sends Koslov into the barricade
and O’Reilly comes off the Apron with a missile dropkick, back in it gets 2.
Fish throws knees, a snapmare and a slingshot senton gets 2, he hits a snap
suplex and tags in O’Reilly and we cut to commercial.
Back from break we see O’Reilly hitting a suplex for 2, Fish
tags in and they hit the Sidewinder for 2. O’Reilly goes to the eyes (I guess
the ref didn’t see the tag) and now Fish is in for real and he hits a backdrop
suplex. The fans have so little interest in this match (its heels vs. heels)
that they start chanting for Edwards. O’Reilly back in now but Koslov hits a
nice jumping DDT and gets the hot tag to no reaction from the crowd. Romero
cleans house with clotheslines and sends O’Reilly to the floor. Fish also ends
up on the floor and Romero takes down the champs with a dive through the ropes
to the outside. Back in Romero hits Fish with an STO and Koslov gets a splash
off of Romero’s back for 2. Koslov hits a Russian legsweep and calls for his
hat. He hits a few Cossack kicks and a double stomp for 2. Enziguri on O’Reilly,
Doomsday Device on Fish but O’Reilly breaks it up. Various knees and kicks
leads to the quadruple KO, Romero and O’Reilly are up and they both throw
forearms, O’Reilly misses a legsweep but gets a fisherman’s suplex, Koslov
breaks up the pin. Total Elimination on Romero gets 2, brainbuster/kick combo
end it at 12:51 shown. **1/2, they couldn’t seem to decide if they wanted to do
a comedy match or just play it straight, but it was still entertaining.
OK show this week. Not sure if next week’s show is new stuff
or just a PPV recap. Expect a Supercard of Honor review later this week.