NXT – April 3, 2013

April 3, 2013
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Tony Dawson, Kassius Ohno, Brad Maddox

Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the final show before Wrestlemania and hopefully we get an actual NXT
show here instead of the same stuff we got last week with the main
roster taking over the show and dragging it down. The only story
from last week was Ohno attacking Regal at the announce table to
further their feud. Let’s get to it.

opening recap talks about O’Brian earning a title shot against
Langston in a three way a few weeks back.
an hour of Brad Maddox and Ohno’s annoying way of talking.
Dallas/Adrian Neville vs. Wyatt Family
would be Rowan and Harper. Apparently Gray is going to be out for
six months but he and Neville are still champions. Bray talks about
putting a mouse in a cage with a snake. While it may survive one
night, it isn’t going to survive in the long run. Harper and Dallas
get things going with Bo being shoved into the corner. Off to Rowan
for more pounding on Dallas’ back.
finally escapes and brings in Adrian for some quick strikes and a
standing moonsault for two on Luke. Rowan interference lets Harper
hit a big boot for two and control. We take a break and come back
with Rowan holding Adrian in a nerve hold. Erick drops down onto
Neville’s head for two and it’s back to Luke Harper. Off to a
chinlock on Adrian followed by a hard back elbow to the face for two.
Back to Rowan with a big elbow for two and it’s already back to
that Rowan who rams Adrian head first into the corner before
immediately tagging back out to Luke. The Family tags in and out
very quickly. Neville avoids a big boot in the corner and it’s hot
tag to Dallas. A tornado bulldog out of the corner gets two on Luke
but Dallas has to take out Wyatt. Adrian hits a big corkscrew dive
to take out Erick and Bray, allowing Dallas to belly to belly suplex
Harper for the pin at 8:28 shown of 10:28.
C+. Tag formula 101 here and
that’s all you need most of the time. You can never go wrong with a
basic power vs. speed match and the crowd is going to get behind the
small guys every single time. I’m hoping the Family can right the
ship soon as they’ve been on a downward spiral of late, but history
would say they’re almost done at this point.
defends against O’Brian tonight.
says the NXT Title belongs to him tonight.
get Rock and Cena’s promos from Raw in their entirety.
in the arena, Regal jumps Ohno just like Ohno did to him last week.
Rae/Audrey Marie vs. Paige/Sasha Banks
immediately runs from Paige so it’s Audrey starting with Paige
instead. Rae distracts Paige to give Marie a quick advantage but
it’s quickly off to Sasha for some double teaming. Banks hits a hard
chop to the chest and a wrist drag out of the corner for two. Audrey
pulls her back to the corner for a tag to Summer who chokes away.
Back to Audrey for a chinlock on Sasha which actually gets two.
comes back in and works over Audrey even more before bringing Marie
back in. The tagging in NXT is quite good overall. It’s already
back to Rae who gets rolled up for two, but her kickout sends Sasha
into the tag to Paige. Summer immediately bails and runs to the
back. The Paige Turner swinging neckbreaker finishes Audrey at 3:52.
C+. This was mainly about
telling a story and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. Paige
continues to be ridiculously over and the Divas are still one of the
highspots of this promotion. The showdown between Paige and Rae
could be a big time deal for NXT, which is nothing you would ever see
on Raw or Smackdown.
chases after Rae.
vs. Ohno next week.
Title: Conor O’Brian vs. Big E. Langston
out process to start with the champion sending O’Brian to the floor
as we take a break. Back with O’Brian guillotining Langston on the
stop rope to take over again. The full nelson slam gets two on Big
E. and O’Brian stomps away some more. A quick shoulder block gets
two more and it’s off to a chinlock. The idea is that O’Brian is
strong enough to hurt Langston so the offense can be really simple.
up and Langston starts to scream and Hulk Up. Conor can’t hurt him
with right hands and Big E. runs him over with some clotheslines.
Langston fires off five knees to the ribs but walks into a BIG
clothesline for two. Conor is stunned and shouts FIVE. He loads up
the Big Ending but Langston escapes and runs the challenger over.
The real Big Ending retains Langston’s title at 6:03 shown of 9:33.
C-. This wasn’t nearly as good
as their brawl from a month or so ago. Langston didn’t look to be in
danger at all and O’Brian’s offense was easily shrugged off. It’s
good to see Langston in some danger, but we need a new challenger now
and no one seems to be on the radar. Granted that was the case when
O’Brian came up so maybe it can happen again.
hits another Big Ending for 5 post match.
C+. Somewhat
disappointing main event aside, this wasn’t too bad. This was what
NXT was supposed to be about: building up angles and setting up for
next week. I’m not sure why we didn’t get the last two weeks
reversed as the Road to Wrestlemania show would seem to make more
sense on a night like this instead of last week but whatever I guess.
Good show here again.
Dallas/Adrian Neville b. Wyatt Family – Belly to belly suplex to
Banks b. Summer Rae/Audrey Marie – Paige Turner to Marie
E. Langston b. Conor O’Brian – Big Ending
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