NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #37

March 26, 2003
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
The show opens with Jeremy Borash introducing Goldylocks, who is singing “America the Beautiful” in honor of the U.S. Soldiers. After last week’s show, the first strike against Iraq occurred, setting off the war. The man with the guitar next to Goldy is Dale Oliver, who is responsible for many of TNA’s theme songs.
A video package is shown recapping last week’s show. It did a good job putting over what happened.
AJ Styles is shown heading towards the SEX locker room with a chainsaw. He yells at Gilbertti for costing him the title shot last week then runs down SEX for being a bunch of nobodies and says that they suck a few times. He then challenges Gilbertti to go to the ring within the next thirty seconds before he saws off his body parts. He then calls him a “Faggot” as the rest of SEX acts like high school kids reacting to a fight. Gilbertti talks to his group, stating that AJ did not challenge him but rather challenged all of SEX. Mike Sanders speaks up to Gilbertti and tells him that AJ called him out, not the entire group. Gilbetti runs down Sanders for losing to Duggan last week then tells him to step up and face AJ, as he does not have his gear with him. Sanders accepts but tells Gilbertti that after he wins, he will never get up in his face again. The part with AJ and the chainsaw was idiotic, and calling Gilbertti a faggot should not have been said. It just makes the company look bad.

AJ Styles vs. Mike Sanders
AJ attacks Sanders as he enters the ring. Sanders lands on the apron after a backdrop attempt and slingshots back in with a headscissors. Styles manages a rollup for two but gets tossed out of the ring, taking a nasty bump as his feet got caught in the ropes and he nearly landed on his head. Tenay says that Raven is not here this week as AJ regroups and hits the Phenomenon. Sanders was way out of position there. In the ring, Styles gets two. Sanders then catches AJ with a wheelbarrow then turns it into a uranage in mid-air. That looked sweet. He kicks AJ down and gets two. Sanders chokes him out with his foot then gets a pumphandle suplex for two. Sanders grabs a chinlock but AJ fights back and takes Sanders down with a clothesline. He hits a few more clotheslines then gets a dropkick for two. AJ throws several kicks then goes for the Styles Clash but Sanders is able to grab the ropes. They do some reversals and counters, which Sanders does in slow-motion, until Sanders hits a backbreaker. AJ gets a pumphandle suplex but runs into an elbow. Sanders gets in a few shots before AJ lands a superkick. AJ goes up top as Siaki and Gilbertii run out. The ref is tied up with Gilbertti as Siaki holds up AJ. Sanders accidentally hits Siaki with a superkick and AJ rolls up Sanders for two. Gilbertti is back on the apron and tries to hit AJ with a foreign object but he gets knocked off by AJ, who rolls up Sanders for the win (8:11) *3/4. After the match, Gilbertti yells at Sanders and gets shoved. Siaki breaks things up as Sanders ducks out of the ring.
Thoughts: A below average match. Sanders struggled to keep up with AJ and he screwed up a few moves as well. It looks like they are setting up Sanders to leave SEX and turn face. Also, with AJ feuding against SEX, he might be turning face as well.
A video package on the Konnan/Jerry Lynn feud, specifically focusing on the “Luchadore Invasion.”
Konnan vs. Jerry Lynn
Before the match, Konnan asks where his “Inbred, white trash, rednecks” at before declaring that the X Division will end tonight. Konnan attacks Lynn as he enters the ring, showing a lot of energy. He puts him in a painful submission hold then punches away before tossing him to the floor. He follows him outside but Lynn sends him into the guardrail. He charges at Konnan but gets caught and powerbombed. Konnan is winded now and assaults Lynn in the ring. Konnan goes up top but Lynn meets him. Konnan takes him down with something that best resembles a uranage. Whatever it was, it was botched. He goes back up top and jumps but Lynn gets his foot up. God, that looked horrible. Lynn gets a dropkick then a rollup gets him two. Konnan is gassed right now. Lynn rolls through a rollup and gets a basement dropkick. Konnan rolls through a leapfrog and gets two off a rolling clothesline. He blocks a tornado DDT attempt from Lynn but gets caught with a regular DDT. Konnan goes for a backdrop off the cradle piledriver attempt but Lynn manages a rollup and gets the win (5:29) *1/2. After the match, a lucahdore dressed in all yellow attacked Lynn. Konnan says that he has no idea who that was as the crowd starts a “Konnan Sucks” chant.
Thoughts: The match itself fell apart at the end but Konnan did a great job getting himself over as a heel.
Mike Tenay interviews Jeff Jarrett from earlier today. Tenay asks him about all of the challengers for his title as Jarrett puts over the belt’s prestige. The interview is starting to drag then Jarrett calls Erik Watts a joke and says that David Flair is an even bigger joke. Tenay brings up Russo and the video with his kids that he showed him. Jarrett gets pissed at Tenay for bringing that up as the interviews ends with Tenay stating that Jarrett will be at a charity event tonight. In other words, Jarrett will be here tonight.
A video package airs about Raven. The video itself is fine but the graphics are low budget, to say the least.
The New Church hit the ring. Malice, who came out last week during the tag match, is not here tonight. He puts over the Sadistic Madness match tonight, saying the only rule is that the referee cannot start a count unless the wrestler is bleeding. Mitchell cuts a great promo until Christopher Daniels, Elix Skipper, and the Harris Brothers interrupt. The theme song they use is cool, an old school rap theme. Daniels says that SEX is a better religion than his because there followers outnumber his, two to one. Daniels challenges them and they brawl. SEX outnumbers the New Church then Sandman runs in with his cane. All of a sudden, the lights go off and we see an entrance video for Perry Saturn. He is in the ring and suplexes SEX until they leave the ring. The crowd gives him a decent reaction.
Dusty Rhodes is at his ranch. He talks about David Flair and that he does not respect the past. He says he will take back his NWA belt in a Bunkhouse Stampede Match tonight. Typical Dusty promo, passionate and you are unable to understand half of what he said. They are playing up that Flair stole the NWA belt from his dad.
A video recap of last week’s altercation between Siaki and Athena, with David Young running out for the save.
David Young is in the ring. He calls out Siaki for hitting Athena, and invites her out. He calls Athena is friend and says that he “stepped in shit” last week and he is going to feed it to him. Athena walks out wearing a neck brace but does not sell anything as she looks pain-free. Young is not very good on the mic and this did not come across well.
David Young vs. Sonny Siaki
Young beats on Siaki and hits a few atomic drops. He gets nearfalls off a clothesline then a crossbody block from the top. He hits a pair on enziguiris then suplexes Siaki into the corner. Siaki rolls outside and Young tries a rana off the apron but gets caught and Siaki swings him into the steps. Siaki takes off his belt, as it look like it broke, and his pants are starting to fall off. In the ring, Siaki hits a Northern Lights Suplex, exposing his G-String, and gets two. The ladies in the crowd are going nuts as Siaki hits a flapjack. Legdrop gets two. Siaki catches him with a sleeper as the crowd is chanting for Young. He breaks away and hits a dropkick, getting two. Neckbreaker gets two. Young hits a spinebuster and it didn’t look good. Siaki’s lack of belt is affecting his movement. Athena gets in the ring and kicks Siaki low. All of a sudden, Desire returns after a two week absence and attacks Athena and the ref rings the bell, ruling the match a no-contest (5:46) *3/4. Young gets Desire off Athena buck she goes low on him and Siaki hits the Siakalypse Now. Desire pulls out handcuffs and they attach Young to the ropes then Siaki hits Athena with the Siakalypse.  
Thoughts: Match itself was fine. Young is a good wrestler but has no personality and a bad look. He does power stuff but is well under six feet tall and it only works against the smaller X division wrestlers. They post match stuff was fine I  guess but there is an awful lot of man against woman stuff in TNA and that is not going to do anything in the long run.
Goldylocks is with the Amazing Red. She asks him about Kid Kash and Trinity and there upcoming mixed gender tag match.  An unnamed woman (Alexis Laree, or Mickie James before her boob job) walks into focus and takes control of the interview, saying that Trinity is nothing more than “Garnish,” much like Goldylocks. She then says that she will “know her role and shut her hole” then tells Red to follow her as they are about to leave together until Goldy asks her name and Laree replies “Screw you, bitch.” Laree’s interview came across as forced and did not feel natural. When they come back to the announcers table, Tenay identifies her as Alexis Laree and puts over her appearance in the Week 2 Lingerie Battle Royal match.
NWA Next Generation come out to the ring. Watts says he came to apologize to Jarrett, while sarcastically complementing him on his interview and attire. He then says that he never came to TNA for a title shot, but just wanted to get inside of his head. He says he wants to apologize and be his friend, then the lights go out. When they return, Jarrett is in the ring with a guitar and smashes Watts as he turns around. Flair and Lawler retreat as Jarrett calls out Ron Killings, AJ and SEX. He wants Gilbertti to bring his “Yankee Ass” out to the ring. He asks Raven if he wants to come out then D’Lo Brown’s music plays. He comes to the ring as the fans chant. He says that he listened to him bitch and complain about being a marked man. He says he ran everyone down, but him. He asks Jarrett if he remembers calling him that he can guarantee a level playing field and a title shot. D’Lo complains about facing Chris Harris tonight then says since Jarrett’s schedule is open tonight, they can face each other tonight. Jarrett accuses D’Lo of asking for a handout then challenges him tonight. SEX comes to the ring and Gilbertti tells Jarrett that isn’t the WWE and that we do not check our brains at the door when we enter the building. He says that Raven won the number one contender match last week and he gets the shot. He is 100% correct. A “Disco Sucks” chant breaks out as Disco tells D’Lo that Jarrett is rotten and he will get a title shot next week under one condition, SEX will be in his corner. D’Lo then tells Jarrett that his ass will get “down with the brown” Jarrett then goes over to Gilbertti and tells him that he and SEX will learn why his old slogan used to be “don’t piss me off.” They are making it a mystery as to where D’Lo’s allegiance will lie. No offense to D’Lo, but TNA should not be putting a WWE lower midcard worker like D’Lo in their main event plans.
Bunkhouse Stampede Match
David Flair vs. Dusty Rhodes
Flair has a red bandana tied around his neck, which makes him look dead gay. No offense, but that is just how he looks.  Dusty drags him out from the ring and punches away. He throws stuff in the ring and whips Flair with a riding crop. Dusty puts his hat on the ref then Flair take the advantage with a punch. He uses the shovel on Dusty then mocks him with a strut. He misses with the cowbell and Dusty fires away. He hits the bionic elbow then uses the cowbell and gets the win (2:26) DUD. After the match, Dusty grabs the NWA belt but Lawler runs in and steals it from him. Dusty goes after him.
Thoughts: Awful match and this angle with the belt is really terrible. No one cares about David Flair at all. Flair looks incredibly uncomfortable in everything he does. Seriously, whenever he steps into the ring, he looks like he is about to shit his pants due to fear.
Goldylocks is with America’s Most Wanted. She asks Harris about his singles match against D’Lo. He says that he requested this match but not to worry because he is still part of the team. He says its just one match and to not make a big issue. He acts a bit arrogant as Storm looks suspicious of his motives. Funny how times change as at this point, Harris was clearly the breakout star of AMW. They were hinting to a future heel singles run with this promo.
Amazing Red & Alexis Laree vs. Kid Kash & Trinity
Kash and Trinity are already arguing. Kash overpowers Red to start then they engage in a counter sequence, ending with both men dropkicking each other at the same time. That all looked very sloppy by the way. Kash spits in Red’s face, then Red returns the favor as he has Kash in an armbar. They do some more reversals then trade armdrags. Kash gets into the face of Laree, and she gets pissed. Kash gets an eye poke then a press slam. Laree tags in and slaps Kash, who slaps her back. Trinity tags and Laree catches her with a drop toehold. Trinity comes back with a dropkick and a rollup then works the arm. Red pushes Trinity down from behind and that allows Laree to attack. She gets a suplex and Kash comes in and breaks up a pin attempt. The girls then do the double clothesline spot and it looked awful. They tag out and Red hits Kash with a crossbody from the top rope. He chops away but gets killed with a clothesline. The girls are in the ring fighting now and everything breaks down. Red alley-oops Laree onto Kash. She spears Trinity as Red and Kash are up top. Red uses a sunset bomb and they just sit there until Trinity hits a moonsault on Laree for the win (7:32) ¾*. After the match, Kash is pissed that Trinity scored the pin and leaves alone.
Thoughts: Bad match. Trinity only looks impressive when she does her highspots and this exposed her as being a terrible wrestler. Laree did not stand out here either and even the guys had an off night. It looks like the Red and Kash feud has ended but the feuding between Kash and Trinity has escalated.
Goldylocks is with Jerry Lynn. She asks him about the masked man who attacked him and he has no idea who he was and tells her to ask Konnan. A useless segment.  
Chris Harris vs. D’Lo Brown
They shake hands before the match then lockup. Tenay plays up how Harris is not a singles wrestler as they trade armdrags and even work in the double dropkick spot. They really do love that spot in TNA. D’Lo grabs a side headlock but Harris takes him down with a clothesline. Delayed vertical suplex gets two. Harris hits an atomic drop but D’Lo ducks a clothesline and flapjacks him. D’Lo gets a kick and scoop slam, then uses the headshake leg drop for two. They duck each others attacks and Harris gets a Thesz press. He gets a backdrop and a clothesline as the crowd is chanting for Harris. Crossbody gets two as Harris complains about the count. Harris reverses a catatonic attempt and hits a DDT, getting two. D’Lo sidesteps a spear attempt and Harris hits the referee. D’Lo gets a spinebuster and heads up top. Harris rolls away from the frog splash then heads up top, but misses an elbow drop. Gilbertti enters the ring and hits Harris with a neckbreaker, allowing D’Lo to cover and get the win (6:47) *3/4.
Thoughts: Match was fine and they continue to push the idea that D’Lo might join SEX.
Tenay announces that D’Lo will face Jarrett for the Heavyweight Title Next week with the stipulation that if D’Lo wins, he will join SEX. West says that TNA will have a very important announcement regarding NASCAR. They then show a replay of Jarrett hitting Watts with a guitar.
Sadistic Madness Match
Harris Brothers & Elix Skipper & Christopher Daniels vs. Disciples of the New Church w/James Mitchell & Sandman & Perry Saturn
The rule is that you cannot be pinned unless you are bleeding. Tenay points out how Sandman is a moron for smashing the beer can into his head, causing him to bleed before the match even begins. And they said that the WWE is where you leave your brains at the door. Skipper and Saturn start things out. Saturn beats on Skipper in the corner then kills him with an elbow smash. He gives Daniels a release German suplex then gives XXX a double suplex. All eight men are now brawling, outside and inside of the ring. The Harris Brothers powerbomb Sandman on a chair but Lee breaks up the pin. In the ring, Skipper catches Saturn with a heel kick as the camera is all over the place, making it really hard to focus. Slash is now bleeding as XXX is in the ring working on Saturn. Slash struggles to get into the ring as Sandman and Ron Harris are brawling through the crowd. Mitchell hands Slash a spike and he busts open Daniels with several shots. He continues to dig into Daniels as Ron Harris is now busted open. Harris Brothers hit the H Bomb on Sandman then double chokeslam Lee. All eight men are in the ring brawling and it is one giant clusterfuck. Daniels hits the BME on Slash for two. Only Saturn and Daniels are in the ring. Saturn hits a powerbomb then a Blue Thunder Bomb but Ron Harris breaks that up. Slash hits him with a chair but that just gets two. Saturn runs into a boot then Daniels gets an enziguiri. He misses the BME then Saturn kills him with a superkick that gets two. He hits the Death Valley Driver but Skipper breaks up the pin. Killings runs in and starts beating on the Harris Brothers. So, last week he turned heel and now he just turned back to a face? In the corner, we see MABEL make his way into the ring. Tenay nearly has a heart attack, listing him as 6’10 and 500 lbs. Anyway, he hits Daniels with a sitout chokeslam then Saturn rolls on top for the win (11:21) *1/2. After the match, Gilbertti and Siaki run out and join the rest of SEX in beating on the faces. They set up tables in the ring but Jarrett runs in with a chair and cleans house. D’Lo runs in and gets in Jarrett’s face. He walks away then Jarrett turns him around and uses the chair.
Thoughts: The match was all action but the problem was that there was way too much going on and it was difficult to focus. Saturn was stiff with everyone, especially Skipper. I have no idea why Mabel needed to be here but there he was, with Killings who turned back to being a face after turning on Jarrett last week. This D’Lo/Jarrett feud is not exactly setting the world on fire, either. D’Lo’s crowd response is getting less with each passing week.
Final Thoughts: Not a bad show but it doesn’t really have any feuds that are worth a damn. There was nothing embarrassing on the program but it didn’t really make you want to go out and buy next week’s show. The main problem remains and that is the lack of talent in the heavyweight division.