Crowd reactions at WM for Rock & Cena

I have no interest in watching Rock/Cena wrestle again. But I am actually interested to see how the NYC/WrestleMania crowd reacts. So what do you think is going to happen?

I ask because I think the NYC crowd is going to be 100% behind Rocky. I was at Raw Monday night in DC (and THANK GOD the tix were free) and it was like 90-95% against Cena. A far cry from the rough 50-50 split at the last WWE show I went to.

Yeah, you'll note they're not even putting up the facade of "Team Edward/Team Jacob" this year.  Cena is clearly going to get booed out of the stadium and will hopefully play heel to adjust.  
Far more intriguing to me is the Brock-HHH reactions, because it's a market where people love someone like Brock, and HHH doesn't generally deal well with crowds reacting to him differently than he tells them.  That one could get ugly.