WWF Championship Wrestling September 1, 1984

September 1, 1984
Your hosts are Tony Garea and Vince McMahon
On the show this week will be B. Brian Blair, Nikolai Volkoff, Big John Studd, and Piper’s Pit along with other “surprises.”

Nikolai Volkoff w/Freddie Blassie vs. SD Jones
Volkoff pisses off the crowd by singing the Russian National Anthem and they respond with a loud “U-S-A” chant. The crowd is fully behind SD as Volkoff shoves him in the corner. Volkoff overpowers SD and beats him in the corner. He shoves him down and puts on a chinlock. They end up fighting over a wristlock but Volkoff yanks SD down by the hair. SD runs into a knee and Volkoff continues to hammer away. SD manages a few punches but misses a charge in the corner. Volkoff stomps SD for a bit then finishes him off with a backbreaker (4:41).
Thoughts: Volkoff returns to WWF television after a several year absence. The match itself was pretty bad but the foreign heel gimmicked worked very well at this time and they played up on current events as the USSR was boycotting the Olympics at this time so it worked out okay.
Charlie Fulton vs. B. Brian Blair
Blair takes Fulton down with a drop toehold. He does some matwork then grabs an armbar as Brutus Beefcake is strutting around the ring. The fans, which have been into just about everything during this taping, are not reacting to Beefcake at all. Fulton has Blair in a headlock then beats him in the corner. He hits a backbreaker then stretches Blair out as the crowd starts a “Brian” chant. Fulton misses an elbow drop and Blair takes control. He hits an elbow smash from the second rope and a scoop slam before catching him with the abdominal stretch cradle for the win (6:37).
Thoughts: These two have had several TV matches and they are usually boring, despite both guys being solid workers. This was no exception. Blair, who usually gets a poor reaction, was over with this crowd. The Beefcake stuff was a waste of time, especially since the fans were ignoring him.
Billy Travis vs. Jesse “The Body” Ventura
The crowd starts chanting for Ivan Putski. David Woolf, for the second straight show, joins on commentary to talks about the Fabulous Freebirds. Ventura grabs a bearhug as the crowd is still chanting like crazy for Putski. Jesse taunts the crowd and stomps away on Travis as Woolf tells us on commentary that Michael Hayes has received a recording contract from CBS Records. Travis lands a few punches but Ventura chops him back down. Jesse follows a slam with a leg drop then tosses Travis to the floor. Back inside, Ventura applies the Bodybreaker for the win (4:53). After the match, Ventura stomps on the back of Travis.
Thoughts: About what you would expect as far as the match quality. The crowd was hot for Putski, who Ventura was feuding with at this time. Ventura wouldn’t be wrestling much longer as he had a pulmonary embolism a few weeks after this match aired, which ended his career in the ring. 
WWF Update with Vince McMahon. This week’s subject is Paul Orndorff. In a comedy bit, Vince tells us that a woman named Amy MacMullen did some research and found that Orndorff’s real name is “Paul Paula Orndorff Jr.” Lame but inoffensive comedy here that was designed to get more “Paula” chants directed at Orndorff.
Piper’s Pit with guests Nikolai Volkoff and Freddie Blassie. Piper brings up the USSR boycotting the Olympics and how that is the only reason for the USA and Canada winning medals. Piper also said the same type of stuff when Blair was a guest a few weeks back. Volkoff then sings the Russian National Anthem, again, as the crowd boos. A tame installment of the Piper’s Pit. They seem to be pushing Volkoff hard in his return.
Jeff Lang vs. Big John Studd
The crowd chants for Andre the Giant. Lang attempts to slam Studd but fails and gets shoved away. Studd eggs on the fans then taunts Lang. He takes him down with a shoulder block. Clothesline by Studd who then finishes off Lang with an elbow drop (1:27).
Thoughts: The feud between Studd and Andre is over big with this crowd. Studd was awful in the ring and barely had any charisma but luckily for him, he was huge.
WWF Review with this week’s song being “Infatuation” by Rod Stewart. They show clips of the Bob Backlund vs. Salvatore Bellomo match at the Philadelphia Spectrum (which was Backlund’s last match in the WWF until he returned in the early 90’s) and Greg Valentine destroying a jobber in a squash match from a TV taping.
Final Thoughts: This was not that great of a show. This crowd was awesome though as this show was the 4th and final one of this taping cycle and they were loud the entire time. The crowds are into the feuds but nothing really got advanced here and even Piper’s Pit was subpar. Beefcake’s gimmick of strutting around the ring is already old three weeks in and will not get him over.