It’s 4 life brother…

Scott, you got us talking about Hogan in your 2013 Scott Sez post and we got questions.  A few people suggested Hogan paid Nick Patrick to screw up the finish/count at Starcade 97?  I know that it was booked to be a quick count with Bret Hart restarting the match and yada yada, but kinda assumed Patrick just fucked up.

Got any insights?  Do you think Hogan paid Patrick to give a normal count?  I get why this would be beneficial for him but it seems that it would be low, even for the Hulkster brother.
The Hogan payoff is certainly the prevailing theory.  I don't know that Patrick has ever admitted anything after the fact, though.  Of course, it was all for nothing because Linda got custody of Nick Patrick in the divorce anyway.