Cena/Punk winning at Mania

Hey Scott, is there any reason why Cena/Punk shouldn't both win at Wrestlemania? I know HHH/Taker last year was dubbed "End of an Era," but shouldn't that be the case this year, with part-time Rock and part-time Taker putting over the two top guys on the current roster? Cena is more obvious since they can't really have him get jabused by Rocky for the third year in a row, but unless they want Cena to be the one to do it next year at 30, having Punk end the streak seems like the best way to truly establish him as the "Best in the World" among all the casual viewers who will tune in to Mania. I mean, the WWE has pretty much sucked all it can out of the Attitude era (although apparently Rock/Brock is likely for next year) unless Austin for some reason returns for the obvious feuds against Punk & Cena, so it seems like the best idea for them would be to have two of the bigger stars from that period put over their top two guys now/the next few years.

Thanks, and I've enjoyed your writing since '98 … even during periods when I don't watch the show weekly, I always am able to keep up with the current product through you/BOD commenters.

Holy cow, if they end the streak after this shitty buildup with a bored Punk and Undertaker sleepwalking through a storyline from 1995, they deserve whatever garbage would be rained down upon the ring by the NY crowd.  Honestly with Punk so obviously not feeling this one and just there for the paycheque, I'd fine with Taker doing a one minute "You mocked my dead manager and now prepare to die" one minute tombstone squash.  I'm not invested in the storyline and neither are the guys, so why prolong it?