Option A or Option B?

Alright Scott!

Hope you're well. Give my regards to the missus and your youngster

I just wanted to throw some questions at you and give you the option of A or B. Elaboration would be highly welcomed!
Better opponent for Rob Van Dam
A. Jerry Lynn
B. Jeff Hardy
I've always found the Lynn series to be overrated, but the Hardy matches were a bunch of spot-monkey nonsense that don't really hold up, so I'll go Lynn.  
Better Tag Team Partner for British Bulldog
A. Dynamite Kid
B. Owen Hart

The Bulldogs in their prime blew away anything that Davey and Owen did as a team.

Better show
A. Great American Bash 96 (Benoit Vs Sullivan, Mysterio Vs Malenko, Flair and Arn Vs Mongo and Kevin Greene)
B. Bash at the Beach 96 (Outsiders Vs Sting, Savage and Luger, Mysterio Vs Psychosis, Giant and Sullivan Vs Benoit and Arn)
The Bash is a better wrestling show, but the second one is a bigger show obviously, so I'll go with BATB.  
Better Match
A. Shawn Michaels Vs Bret Hart at Wrestlemania XII
B. Shawn Michaels Vs Bret Hart Survivor Series 92
The Survivor Series one keeps growing on me, so I'll go with that one.  
Better character
A. Adam Bomb
B. Wrath
Adam Bomb had a lot of goofy wasted potential.  Could have been a lot bigger, I think  
Better choice to win King of the Ring 95 instead of Mabel
A. Kama
B. The Roadie
Out of those two?  Kama.  Would have at least gave us KING KAMA and he could have melted down the urn to make his crown.  
Better main eventer
A. Justin Credible
B. Steve Corino
Bleh.  Credible, I guess.  
Better use of smoke and mirrors
A. 911 comes in and Choke Slam's people but hardly ever wrestles. Gets over
B. The Boogeyman scares people by foaming at the mouth and eating worms but hardly ever wrestles. Gets over
911 by a mile.  
Gimmick you would most like to have seen more done with
A. Sean O'Haire as a Devils Advocate
B. Waylon Mercy
O'Haire, but he couldn't talk on a live mic and basically killed his own gimmick.  
and one more
Better opponent for Tajiri
A. Super Crazy
B. Rey Mysterio