NXT – March 27, 2013

March 27, 2013
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Tom
Phillips, William Regal, Jim Ross
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
last week’s Wyatt Family heavy show, the odds are that we’ll be
seeing something new this week. That’s one of the good things about
NXT: they keep things fresh every week while still keeping something
from the previous week going. Granted it helped to have only an hour
per week to fill in. Let’s get to it.

open with the I’m Coming Home video for Mania.
idea tonight is a Road to Wrestlemania special. We even have The Fink
doing the announcing. Nothing wrong with that.
Title: Natalya vs. Katilyn
grabs a go-behind to start but Natalya takes it to the mat to crank
on the leg a bit. Tonight’s main event is Orton vs. Sandow. That
doesn’t like like a very NXT kind of show. Natalya shoves her down
but gets caught in a jackknife cover for two. We get the always cool
looking bridge up into a backslide for two on Kaitlyn followed by a
failed Sharpshooter attempt.
misses a discus lariat but settles for a snap suplex for two. Off to
an abdominal stretch by Natalya and we take a break. Back with
Kaitlyn reversing into a bad abdominal stretch of her own. After
that gets reversed, Kaitlyn runs over Natalya and hits the fireman’s
carry gutbuster for two. Natalya comes back with a quick
Sharpshooter out of nowhere but Kaitlyn powers out of it. Back up
and the spear out of nowhere ends Natalya at around 7:00.
D. This match shows how big the
difference is between the NXT Divas and the WWE Divas. This was the
same plodding and boring Divas match I’ve seen a hundred times in the
last few years on the main shows. There was nothing to see here at
all and the match was several rungs below what the NXT girls usually
Del Rio says he’s ready for Swagger and “the guy from Jumanji”.
Del Rio says he was born in Mexico but made in America.
Clay vs. El Local
is Ricardo Rodriquez under a mask. Brodus easily throws him around
to start and even gets two off a jackknife cover. Local goes after
the knee in a smart move but can only get two. Brodus has enough of
the selling and runs over Local before suplexing him down. A splash
in the corner sets up a regular splash for the pin at 2:00.
Literally a squash but Local got in a few shots.
Raw ReBound is about Punk and Undertaker, which is short in the first
place so you know the recap is quick.
says they’ll be fighting and winning for justice on Wrestlemania
Sunday. They talk about starting a new revolution after winning.
talks about Wrestlemania and how big of a deal it is. Last year he
had to win but failed, so now the pressure is on Rock. It’s Rock’s
first title defense (second but whatever) and it might be the first
time that Rock fails at something in his life. In about two minutes
here, Cena said April 7 eight times.
go to the announcers and Kassius Ohno appears and destroys Regal.
Orton vs. Damien Sandow
grabs a headlock to start but Sandow grabs one of his own. A back
elbow to the face puts Sandow down and there’s a stomp to the face.
Damien comes back with some shots in the corner but Orton hits the
Thesz Press to take over again. Sandow bails to the floor and gets
taken down by a clothesline as we take a break. Back with Orton
stomping away but Damien comes back with a quick elbow and some
stomps of his own.
Elevated DDT is countered and we head to the floor where Orton is
sent into the steps. Off to the chinlock back inside followed by the
Russian legsweep and the Wind-Up Elbow for two. Orton fights back
with right hands and a superplex for a delayed two. The powerslam
puts Damien down but he gets a boot up in the corner followed by a
neckbreaker for two. Randy comes right back with the Elevated DDT
and the RKO finishes at 9:30 shown of 12:00.
C-. This was the same dull
match you would see between these two at any given Raw or Smackdown
or even a house show. Sandow got in his usual stuff and Orton
shrugged it off as you would expect it to. Nothing to see here but I
guess for an NXT main event this was ok enough.
D. Bad to boring
matches, a single bit of angle advancement, and a bunch of talk about
Wrestlemania which we get on Raw and Smackdown every single week.
This is FAR less interesting than what we get during the regular
shows and for once, this show was a chore to sit through. Bad show
this week and that’s because it was full of the main roster guys.
b. Natalya – Spear
Clay b. El Local – Splash
Orton b. Damien Sandow – RKO
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