Awesome selection

Hey Scott,

I was wondering if you had seen this before. I was trying to find some old matches of Dynamite Kid/British Bulldogs and I stumbled onto this site.
There is so much good stuff on this site, I will be buying stuff for days.
What I really don’t understand is why doesn’t the WWE do this? If they opened up their library and made everything available (TV Shows, PPVs, Specials, etc), at a fair price by download, I would go nuts.
What do you think?

This is exactly the format that WWE should be following for their library, totally agreed.  Plus a $1.50 for hours of hours of awesome Japan content?  I too shall be partaking, assuming they own the rights to all this stuff and aren't gonna get shut down by WWE tomorrow.  The Stampede footage, for example, would clearly be WWE property, so that's kind of iffy from a legal standpoint I would guess, unless that Stampede set from a few years ago was separate from the WWE deal and thus not covered. Either way, I'm all over this.