Future of the Shield

Any plans for the Shield beyond the six man tags and all black getup? Are we still working towards finding out who the Shield are working for, or has that angle been abandoned? Are they now just a clan of heels who work for no one and who will eventually fall out and show up one day on Raw wearing their wrestling attire? Just wondering where you think this is going. And if you think the writers (*shudder*) have even thought that far yet. 


These guys are being protected like nobody I've seen in YEARS.  You can likely have no fear about getting let down by putting your money on any of them to be a giant star very soon now, especially Ambrose and Reigns.  Even Rollins has a shot to be a top level midcard guy, but Ambrose has some serious political juice behind him, and Reigns is their guy of the future.  If I was to guess, I'd say they split them into singles later in the year and run main events against Cena for a few months to give them the rub on top and give Cena someone to defend against.  Hell, I'm shocked they haven't put the tag titles on two of them by now.