Hall Fundraiser – Your reaction

Hi Scott,

What are your feelings on the fans funding Scott Hall's hip replacement, etc?

I get that they want the guy to see that people care about him, but I find it wrong that they are asking fans (many likely economically challenged) to pitch in and help a guy who was a millionaire AND has superstar buddies that could easily front the $80,000. His friends could have helped with the bill and fans could have still shown Hall support and encouragement through Twitter. I don't know, it just feels wrong that Nash, Michaels, DDP, or even HHH could have helped him with the medical bills but didn't and the fans had to step in. C.M. Punk was nice enough to help out Joey Mercury when he needed it–it kept private until his dvd.. What are your thoughts on this one?

Best,  Anthony Viggiani, NY, NY

Yeah, kind of weird that Hall hangs with millionaires, like people with literally too much money to spend in one lifetime, but has to resort to this for his operation.  Maybe it's part of DDP's plan to make him appreciate his life or something?  Plus it feels like he hasn't really earned another chance yet.  The sad thing is that Hall has an awesome mind for the business, and could probably be a huge asset to the writing geeks in WWE if HHH brought him in as an agent or producer or whatever they call it now.  Ditto for Jake Roberts, and hopefully that's the path he ends up going down if DDP really can set the ship straight with him.