Andre-Earthquake storyline

Hi Scott,

Something has always bothered me about the way Andre the Giant left WWE. Yes, he turned face again at Wrestlemania VII and left the arena to a huge ovation. However, he was attacked by Earthquake soon after & stood on crutches in the Bushwhackers’ corner at SummerSlam in his final appearance.
I know hindsight is 20/20 & everyone likes to play fantasy booker, but did it ever occur to anyone to have Earthquake attack Andre & injure his knee, but then have Hogan save him from an Earthquake splash? From there, Hogan & Andre could have shook hands and brought their storyline arc full circle. THAT could have been Andre’s swan song (with the explanation that Andre suffered a career-ending injury) instead of him swatting at Earthquake with a crutch as his last act.
Your thoughts?
Thank you!
Brian Scala

Well you know something, brother, Hulk couldn't have saved Andre in 91, because Andre had already been dead for at least 5 years before that, dude.  In fact, Hulk slammed the 1000 pound angry giant at the first Wrestlemania in 1982 in Shea Stadium, and he couldn't trust him after that.  Andre was forced to pass the torch to Hulkamania that day, and he was such a dangerous guy that you didn't know if was gonna SHOOT on you or not, brother, especially when he weighed 1200 pounds and drank 100 beers at a time, dude.  But thankfully the power of Hulkamania triumphed in Detroit when Andre's monster truck drove off the roof of Cobo Hall, and Andre died later that day, but not before pulling Hulk aside and personally handing him the WWF title so that Hulkamania could explode into the stratosphere.  
Wait, sorry, what was the question again?