WrestleMania – Under 1,000,000 Buys?

What would you say the chances are this WrestleMania fails to eclipse 1,000,000 buys for the first time in a few years? 

The build has been bad and the line-up fails to inspire me to open my wallet.  The Shield vs. Ryback & Friends is old already, Punk and Taker may both be hurt, Brock's being wasted for the glorification of HHH's massive ego, and the Del Rio-Swagger feud is IC Title level stuff.  No celebrities either.

As far as Rock vs. Cena: Twice In A Lifetime goes, maybe it's just too soon, but I don't care to see it again right now.  That said, I same thing about Taker-HHH last year and they stole the show, so who knows?  Rock didn't exactly add a ton to the Royal Rumble buyrate, either.

Regardless, I'm still watching WrestleMania, primarily because of the Lloyd Christmas chance that the Shield will help Cena win the title because he can't beat Rock on his own and the movie star taking the title and top spot is "unjust".  I can't take another babyface Cena title run.  Do you think at least 999,999 other people will find a reason to order WrestleMania this year?

I would give it a zero percent chance of doing under a million buys.  If the show was to drop 250,000 buys from last year, Vince McMahon would get thrown off Titan Towers by the investors.  Plus Rock totally did add a ton to Royal Rumble, just not enough to justify his salary.  Wrestlemania will be a different story.  Ratings are way up, buyrates are up, and there's no real trends to indicate that WM will be anything but a huge success.  I'm pretty sure this one is either going to tie or break the record.