ROH TV 3-16-13

It’s the first show from a new round of TV tapings. Taped from
Chicago Ridge, IL. Hosted by Kevin Kelly and Caleb Seltzer.

Nigel McGuiness and the entire non-S.C.U.M. roster (save for
Charlie Haas) are in the ring. McGuiness has the shredded ROH flag, and he
informs us that shit just got real, and that honor will never die. He announces
that Adam Cole and BJ Whitmer will receive shots at the ROH title, and that Jay
Lethal and Michael Elgin will face each other at Supercard of Honor in a #1
contenders match. After a brief interruption from Roderick Strong he also
announces that Mark Briscoe will get a title shot at an upcoming house show,
and Jay will face Steen for the title at Supercard of Honor. Everyone mugs for
the camera in a show of solidarity and we go to commercial.
ACH & TaDarius
Thomas vs. The American Wolves:
This should be interesting. ACH and
Richards start, ACH hits a headscissors and an armdrag and both guys tag out.
Thomas and Edwards take to the mat with neither man gaining any advantage,
Edwards rolls through a sunset flip but gets kicked in the head. Richards back
in now, but he gets dumped and Edwards gets knocked off the apron. Thomas tries
a cartwheel on the apron, but takes a superkick from Edwards and the big kick
off the apron from Richards for a 2 count back in the ring. Thomas gets free of
the double team with a capoeira kick on Edwards and a neckbreaker on Richards
and makes what I guess you could call the hot tag. ACH cleans house and gets a
crossbody off the top on Richards for 2. He tries a slingshot diamond cutter
but can’t really hit it cleanly, it gets a 2 count anyway. Richards bails and
Thomas tries the back handspring moonsault over the top but Richards catches
him with a kick, ACH takes him out with a springboard dropkick and sends
Edwards to the floor as well with a headscissors. Handspring moonsault hits on
the second try (with Thomas nearly hitting is head on the apron), and ACH
follows with a dive to the outside. Back in ACH hits a reverse rana and a
pumphandle German suplex, but Edwards comes off the top with a flying headbutt
to break up the pin. ACH gets an enziguri on Edwards (take a shot!), but a
springboard moonsault into a Scorpion Deathdrop is reversed into a
Tombstone/kick combo, Thomas makes the save. He gets dumped, and the
powerbomb/backbreaker combo finish ACH at 8:05. ACH and Thomas looked like 2
green guys who were teaming for the first time (because they are), but they
held it together pretty well. ***, good match but not the MOTYC that Kelly
claimed it was. I like that Thomas is becoming a more complete wrestler, working
some mat based stuff into his moveset and hitting his kicks a lot cleaner than
he has in the past. He’s at least making the effort to get better, and that’s
half the battle right there.
BJ Whitmer vs. QT
Marshall (w/ RD Evans):
Both guys are already in the ring. Evans grabs
Whitmer’s foot as he’s running the ropes about 10 seconds in and Marshall takes
him down with a clothesline for 2. To the corner with some punching and kicking
from Marshall as Evans joins the commentary team. Marshall gets a suplex and
some really shitty punches, then a kneeling DDT for 2. Whitmer Hulks up and
throws some forearms, a big boot gets 2. Whitmer calls for the Sweet Chin Music
for some odd reason, then just decides run in on a blind charge and eats a boot
to the face. He basically no-sells it, hits a Downward Spiral, and the knee
strikes to the head force the ref to stop it at 2:58. This was too short to
even give it a rating.
Inside ROH: We
see clips of the two title changes from the PPV, as expected the Wolves will face
Fish & O’Reilly at Supercard of Honor, and both teams cut separate promos.
Jay Lethal also gets some mic time.
We get the “Viewer discretion is advised” warning before
Truth Martini brings out Matt Taven and a couple chicks that were probably recruited
from one of Chicago’s finer gentleman’s clubs for his new segment Hoopla Uncut.
Taven acts like he’s gonna whip out his dick (with the camera blurring out his
crotch area), but instead pulls out the TV Title. Shit, Cole’s not going to
even want it back now. He tells the girls to take their pants off but they cut
to commercial before we can see it. They say you can watch the segment unedited
on the ROH website, but it’s Truth Martini, so I can’t be bothered to check it
Roderick Strong vs.
Jay Lethal:
McGuiness is on commentary. If Strong wins he gets a title shot
in the future. A little chain wrestling starts us off, Lethal gets an armdrag
(ARMDRAG! Wait, wrong company…) and a seated dropkick for 2. He hooks a sort of
half triangle choke/half bodyscissors, Strong rolls it around so that Lethal’s
shoulders are down and he lets go. Strong ends up on the apron, Lethal misses a
springboard dropkick and he gets rolled up for 2. Strong gets a backbreaker for
2 and grabs a chinlock, Lethal makes the ropes. Both guys chop away with Lethal
getting the better of that exchange, Strong takes the Lethal Combination and
bails to the outside. Lethal follows with the dive through the ropes and rolls
him back in for a 2 count. He goes up top but gets crotched, Strong hits a
jumping knee and a running forearm but eats a superkick. Another superkick and
Lethal tries the Lethal Injection but handsprings into a backbreaker for 2.
Stronghold into a pinning combination for 2, Gibson driver attempt is reversed
into a rana and the Lethal Injection ends it at 6:52. Just a match. **, both
guys looked a bit sluggish here, and with the matches they had the night before
I don’t blame them.
All storyline this week, but still a decent show. Next week:
S.C.U.M. is in the house, and Adam Cole vs. Matt Hardy to see who gets the TV
title shot at Supercard of Honor.