Wrestlers associated with a company they didn’t spend much time in

Hi Scott,

Something for the blog if you'd like and/or think it will get some discussion:

In the "midcard mailbag" thread, someone mentioned Angle, and it got me thinking about how excluding his time in WWE developmental, Angle has now been in TNA for the same amount of time he was in WWE.  But when people think of Angle, will they think of him as a TNA guy or a WWE guy?  It kind of brings to mind the weird phenomenon of how some guys can be associated strongly with one company despite not having been there very long.

A perfect example is Rick Rude.  Even with the few months in DX, Rude was only with WWF for three years or so. And while I'm betting most people will always think of Rude from his WWF days, the fact is he really was an NWA/WCW guy through and through.  Another example might be any given ECW guy, say RVD: he really was only visibly with ECW for about 4 years or so (got on TV in early '96, and then was gone in mid 2000 through the last PPV in '01),  He surpassed that with his time in WWE, and is on his way this year into next doing that with TNA.  But he'll always be an ECW guy.

Can you think of any other notable examples where someone was very much associated with a given company despite only being there for a fraction of his career?  The simple explanation for it all is probably just exposure/how someone is used, but I still thought it might make for some interesting debate.

Magnum TA was only in JCP for a relatively brief period of time, but because he blew up there and then ended his career at the same time, he got forever associated with it.  And I think RVD was an "ECW guy" because his career was essentially defined by his time there.