Sid vs. Bret Question

Hey Scott. Happy New Year. I had a question that maybe you could help answer How come Bret Hart never beat Sid? He lost three times to him (IYH: It's Time, RAW in a singles match for the title, and a steel cage match on RAW). To my knowledge, Bret never defeated Sid on TV. Kind of a strange co-incidence. Also, why did they decide to put the WWF title on Bret Hart at IYH: Final Four only for him to lose it on RAW to Sid? Why not just have Sid win the title at Final Four? 

Thanks Scott!

You are correct, I don't recall Bret ever beating Sid on TV.  But then Sid didn't do many jobs in the first place.  

As for the second point, the title swap was part of Bret's story arc.  He wins "his" title back, only to lose it right away and turn into a huge whiner about it.  That part totally made sense to me.