97% of the time I don't get annoyed when I see something on pro wrestling that absolutely insults my intelligence.  It's pro wrestling, right?  Who really cares?
But every great while, I have a day like today, where it just randomly struck me how absolutely moronic the "I won't debut until you say my name right" storyline is for Fandango.  The Raw brand basically has 2 authority figures……and these authority figures can book matches with major stipulations, and force even the most rebellious of rebels to compete in matches against their will…….but they can't force a metrosexual salsa dancer to compete in a match?
Major logic gap there…..and sadly, I don't think anyone cares enough about that storyline to even question it.

Oh, it's probably one of the worst storylines right now, because there's no progression and no payoff.  Eventually he'll wrestle and it'll just be Johnny Curtis.  I will say that I thought the Damien Sandow gimmick was a loser for a while before he managed to get it over by sheer force of willpower, and ditto for Antonio Cesaro: Evil Rugby Player, so who knows what will happen once he actually gets into the ring.  

The worst by far is the Swagger push, because it's not over and the guy isn't over, and he's getting pushed to World title level and hasn't done anything to justify the push or differentiate himself in the ring at that level. Even worse, his babyface opponent is even LESS over at that level, giving you a feud between two guys that the crowd doesn't care about over issues no one cares about in the context of wrestling and matches that will probably be pretty shitty.  It's the trifecta of suck.  They should totally make Zeb Colter the GM of Smackdown, however, and have him ban all immigrants from the show to make people actually WANT to see people like Barrett and Sin Cara fight to actually get on TV.