WWF Championship Wrestling August 11th, 1984

August 11, 1984
Your hosts are Tony Garea and Vince McMahon
This is the first show from the Poughkeepsie tapings. This would be the home for Championship Wrestling until it ended in 1986 and became WWF Superstars. At that point, tapings were done on the road.
Tony and Vince run down the show, which features Ivan Putski, Iron Sheik, Rocky Johnson, and the tag champs, Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch in action. Plus, Piper’s Pit and the WWF Review. They did a bit in which Vince would name someone and Garea would give a brief comment about them afterwards.
WWF Magazine plug, putting over Hogan and Andre mingling with celebrities and also mentioning that Kerry Von Erich beat Ric Flair for the NWA Heavyweight Championship.

Iron Sheik w/Freddy Blassie vs. Jose Luis Rivera
The crowd is quite lively for this taping. Sheik gets some heat by praying as the fans start a “USA” chant. Sheik jumps Rivera from behind then chokes him out with his headdress. Sheik poses to a chorus of boos after a backdrop then hits Rivera with a gutbuster. Sheik takes a break and talks with Blassie before beating on Rivera. He throws him to the floor then bounces a chair off of his head. He pulls Rivera back into the ring and beats on him some more. Rivera leapfrogs Sheik and gets in some punches as the crowd goes apeshit. Rivera ducks his head on a backdrop attempt and Sheik boots him down. Sheik hits a waistlock suplex then makes Rivera submit to the Camel’s Clutch (5:31). After the match, Sheik proclaims that Iran is number one then tosses Rivera to the floor.
Thoughts: The crowd was red-hot all match long. Sheik was getting a strong heel reaction everywhere he went during this time anyway though. No mention of Slaughter on commentary.
Charlie Fulton vs. Rocky Johnson
Johnson has a boxing-style robe and is shuffling his feet more than ever. Vince put over his physique, a trend that would continue throughout the match. Fulton backs him in the corner and gets a few forearm smashes but Rocky reverses a whip and gets a backdrop. He takes Fulton down with a few armdrags, who then ducks outside. He comes back and goes right back outside after escaping from an arm wringer. Back in the ring, they go for a test of strength. Rocky somersaults around and puts Fulton in a wristlock. They do the criss-cross spot and that ends with Rocky getting an armdrag. Fulton gets in a few forearms but Rocky takes him down with a monkeyflip. Rocky goes back to the arm again and does some more somersaults before hitting a dropkick then a sunset flip for the win (6:03).
Thoughts: The crowd remained red-hot throughout the match, which wasn’t much at all. They are really trying to get Rocky over as a singles wrestler, as there was no mentioning of his teaming with Tony Atlas. Rocky did a lot of the feet-shuffling and somersault stuff throughout the entire match. Vince was practically drooling over his physique too.
Jeff Lang & SD Jones vs. Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch
The crowd is solidly behind Jones. Adonis starts things off with a shoulderblock but SD takes him down with a hiptoss. He hits a few armdrags on Adonis then on Murdoch, who ran in to help his partner. The tag champs bail as the crowd is going nuts, chanting loudly for SD. Murdoch is now the legal man and gets a knee smash. He misses an elbow in the corner and SD goes to work. SD headbutts both men as the crowd is going crazy. He hits Murdoch with several punches before he goes down. Murdoch catches him with a headlock and punches away. Tag to Adonis and they hit SD with a double elbow smash. Adonis gets two off of an elbow drop and the crowd chants for SD. Adonis goes for an Irish whip but SD reverses it and sends him into the post. He makes the tag to Lang, who gets taken down immediately by Adonis. Tag to Murdoch and he roughs him up for a bit until they hit their finisher, a backsuplex/top rope clothesline combo for the win (5:17).
Thoughts: This crowd was great. They were loud for everything. The match itself wasn’t much at all, the champs sold for most of the match, but the atmosphere for the show is awesome.
WWF Update with Vince McMahon. They show a picture of him with model Susan Anton then show a clip of him walking to the ring, with all of the fans going nuts. They did a similar update for Andre a few months back, but they used a different entrance clip and photo. Nothing to see here.
Piper’s Pit with guest B. Brian Blair. The crowd barely reacts to Blair at all. Piper puts over his credentials then asks him why he wanted to become a wrestler. Blair said he dreamed of being in the Olympics and Piper asks why no one wanted to go this year, mentioning that Russia, Poland and the rest of the communist countries did not go. He then says the only way the USA can win was to have the other countries stay home, which prompts Blair to make a skirt joke then call him a jerk before walking off. Piper flips out afterwards. The Piper’s Pit formula is starting to get too formulaic, with the face responding with skirt jokes and Piper yelling at them.
Ron Shaw vs. Ivan Putski
The crowd is going crazy for Putski. Shaw tries to mimic Putski but gets booed. Putski then poses, drawing cheers, then points to Shaw, which gets boos. Just as the match is about to begin, a jacked-up guy (the future Brutus Beefcake) wearing a shiny vest and a bowtie starts to strut around the ring. Vince’s reply to his appearance was “what is that.” This distracts the wrestlers as Vince tells us he does not know who this man is and he has a great physique. Anyway the crowd boos this guy and the camera cuts back to the action and Putski hits Shaw with the Polish Hammer for the win (2:57).
Thoughts: The crowd was crazy for Putski but the focus of the match was on the unknown guy strutting around the ring. They showed about 20 seconds of in-ring action for this segment.
WWF Review. This week’s segment features the song “I’m Free” by Kenny Loggins and features clips of squash matches from The Spoiler and Nikolai Volkoff. Neither guy had been on WWF TV for several years. One would assume they would be back on TV very soon. They show the Spoiler doing the ropewalk, going across the entire rope, during his clip.
Final Thoughts: Decent show with a red-hot crowd. They were going nuts for everything. A good crowd can really make a show seem better. They are putting over Rocky Johnson as a singles wrestler and seem to be introducing new wrestlers, with the packages of The Spoiler and Nikolai Volkoff, along with the unknown man from the Putski match.