ROH TV 3-9-13

Rhett Titus vs. Eddie
Titus’ shitty rap music doesn’t really fit with his persona. Bobby
Fish is on commentary, and he spends most of the match burying Davey Richards.
Usual chain wrestling to start, both guys try a dropkick and the crowd basically
no-sells it instead of popping. Good for them. Titus runs into a boot on a
blind charge and ends up in the tree of woe and gets dropkicked in the face,
then Edwards bails to the floor and dropkicks him in the face from the outside.
OK, that was pretty cool. Fish: “Dare I say it, he [Edwards] is the better of
the 2 Wolves.” No f------ kidding. Edwards goes for the Chinchecker but Titus
escapes and knocks him down with a dropkick for 2. Kneedrop for 2 and we hit
the chinlock. Edwards gets loose pretty quick and throws some kicks, Shining Wizard
gets 2. Titus comes back with some knees that don’t make contact and an
overhead suplex. Big clothesline (with the 360 sell buy Edwards) for 2, but he
gets tossed to the floor. Edwards fakes a plancha, kicks Titus down, and hits a
moonsault from the apron. Back in Edwards hits a missile dropkick and chops
away in the corner. Now Edwards eats a boot on a blind charge, Titus goes up
but gets hit with a jumping enziguri (can’t have an ROH show without that
move), Chinchecker hits this time for 2. Edwards tries a top rope rana, Titus
blocks it and hits a dropkick and a rollup for 2. Titus misses a frog splash,
Edwards hits the double stomp off the top and an odd looking move that started
off like a backdrop suplex but ended like a flapjack gets 2. Edwards turns the
pinning combination into the Achilles Lock, adds in some stomps to the back of
the head, and the ref stops it at 9:42. ***1/2, outside of those knees that
missed (which would only be noticed if you’re anal-retentive about workrate
like I am) I can’t think of anything negative to say about this match, and they
could have easily hit 4 stars if they got another 5 minutes.
Davey Richards is in the back with Veda Scott. He thinks
Matt Hardy needs to shut up. Amen, brother.
Mia Yim vs. MsChif: Scott
is on commentary. They lock up, MsChif gets a rollup right away and then pulls
out the dreaded reverse rana. A good one too, I s--- you not. She gets booted
in the gut on a blind charge and Yim tries the Tarantula but can’t quite get in
locked in. She does get a missile dropkick for 2. Yim drapes MsChif on the top
rope and throws some strikes. She tries a guillotine choke but MsChif escapes
with a rana-like move and bridges into a chinlock, Yim bites her hand to get
free. Hey, whatever works. Standing moonsault by MsChif for 2, Yim goes to the
eyes and starts kicking. She hits a pretty shitty looking slam but redeems
herself with a really nice Lionsault for 2. MsChif comes back with the Sonya
Blaze scream of death (or was it Sindal? I barely remember MK3) and a Scorpion Deathdrop for 2. She hits
a nasty (in a good way) German suplex and puts Yim on the top rope, but ends up
in a cross armbreaker. More kicking from Yim, Sky Twister Press misses but Yim
gets a German of her own for 2. Desecrator (sort of a half DDT/half Fameasser) ends
Yim’s night at 5:49. It appears that if you give MsChif a decent opponent she
can put on something watchable. **, and far better than any Divas match I’ve
seen in the last couple years.
Inside ROH: Just
quick clips of the Briscoes beating Corino and Jacobs at National Pro Wrestling
4 Corners Survival Match:
Roderick Strong vs. Matt Hardy vs. Davey Richards vs. Michael Elgin:
McGuiness is on commentary. This is first fall wins, Strong and Richards start
off with some arm-based chain wrestling. Hardy and Elgin both tag themselves
in, Hardy has this Muay Thai stance thing going that looks dumb as hell with
him being so out of shape. Elgin takes him down with a shoulderblock and Hardy
tries to tag in Strong, but Strong bails to the floor. Backbreaker by Elgin for
2, Hardy shoves him into the corner and now Strong tags himself in and goes
after Elgin, but Elgin wastes no time kicking his ass. Strong tags in Richards,
they lock up and do some stuff before Richards hits a dropkick. Now a test of
strength, and Elgin wins that pretty easily, as you’d expect. Now Hardy tags himself
in and starts working Elgin’s arm. Strong in now, and he also goes after the
arm. He tries a slam but can’t get Elgin up, and Elgin goes back to beating the
piss out of him. Richards is in now with a snap suplex for 2 on Strong. Strong
and Hardy double team Richards as we go to break.
We return with Hardy backdropping out of an Elgin powerbomb
attempt. Elgin tags in Richards, who hits a missile dropkick on Hardy and
follows that with a superplex, Elgin makes the save. Forearm battle between
those two, Richards tries a handspring elbow but gets caught with a reverse
fireman’s carry backbreaker. Hardy gets the Side Effect on Elgin (just one?),
but eats a jumping knee from Strong. He and Elgin both end up on the floor and
Richards kicks them both in the face from the apron. He blocks the Twist of
Fate as Elgin and Strong are back up on the apron, Strong drops Elgin
back-first on the edge or the ring. Now Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on
Richards, but the ref is outside checking on Elgin and can’t make the count.
Now Strong and Elgin are legal, Elgin just destroys Strong on the corner before
eating boot on a blind charge, Strong comes back with kicks and the double-knee
gutbuster. Elgin is right back up with a lariat for 2. Hardy is bitching at
McGuiness about how he should have won, so Elgin posts him to shut him up.
Bucklebomb and the spinning powerbomb from Elgin finishes Strong at 11:12
aired. **1/2, good enough match, but I just couldn’t really get into it for
some reason. At least the right guy went over.
Certainly not a bad way to kill an hour here. Next week: the
first of 4 shows from the TV taping last Sunday.