Good Looking wrestlers

Hey Scott,

Is it just me or did you notice the WWE is hiring a lot more good looking people?  There are tumblr sites dedicated to how hot Roman Reigns and Bo Dallas are.  And Brad Maddox looks like he could be a model.  Eric Bischoff's Matrats promotion was 10 years ahead of its time.

What the f--- happened to Bo Dallas, anyway?  One week he's engaged in a feud with Wade Barrett and the next he's wiped from existence.  For that matter, what happened to the Wade-Sheamus feud?  They were fighting over movie trailers for weeks and then POOF, dropped out of nowhere.  

Anyway, it's not just you.  WWE is absolutely hiring people who look like male models and trying to train them as wrestlers, and it's a practice that has been going on for years now.  Frankly I'm shocked that Dolph Ziggler, someone who is both a wrestling nerd and a legitimate athlete, got past their strenuous screening process in the first place.  Honestly, for as cosmetically centered as the 80s were with the steroids and steroids and steroids and stuff, this most recent era, The Botox Era if you will, has been very focused on guys with The Look.