Yearly Review: WWF October 1988

A new tag team debuts from the NWA. Plus, Hogan deals with the law in a not so friendly manner.

WWF World Championship Scene: (currently held by Randy Savage)
Throughout the month Savage continued to compete against primarily Andre
the Giant on the house show market. Savage would normally win the bouts
by count-out. He also competed against Ted DiBiase a few times in
non-title steel cage matches.

Other than that, there weren’t any new developments.

WWF Intercontinental Championship Scene: (currently held by the Ultimate Warrior)
There weren’t any new developments throughout the month regarding the
Intercontinental Championship. Warrior continued to defeat former
champion the Honky Tonk Man on the house show market by

WWF World Tag Team Championship Scene: (currently held by Demolition)

The champions started the month losing a non-title match against the
British Bulldogs in France, but that would be the only loss throughout
the month. They would have a series of matches against the Bulldogs and
the Rockers, resulting in wins.

At Saturday Night Main Event XVII (as seen below), Demolition
defeated the Hart Foundation after Smash hit Neidhart with Jimmy Hart’s

Other Happenings:

– The undefeated Big Bossman decided at October 5th taping of WWF
Superstars to viciously attacked Hulk Hogan during a Brother Love
segment. Bossman manhandled Hogan using his nightstick and handcuffed
the former World Champion to a guard railing. Hogan was able to chase
Bossman and his manager Slick away with a piece of the guard railing in
one hand and Bossman’s nightstick in the other.

– The Brianbusters (Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard) made their
debut during the October 5th taping of WWF Superstars. They are the
newest members of the Heenan Family.

– On October 16th the first King of the Ring tournament was held in
Providence, Rhode Island. Ted DiBiase ended up winning the tournament
after beating WWF World Champion Randy Savage by count-out.

Saturday Night Main Event XVII was taped on October 25th, 1988. Here are the highlights of the show.
– Jake Roberts defeated Rick Rude by disqualification. After the bout,
Andre the Giant came out and attacked Roberts. Roberts was able to get
the last laugh by causing Andre to pass out after teasing Andre with his
– Hulk Hogan defeated King Haku
– Dino Bravo defeated Ken Patera
– Big Bossman defeated Jim Powers


SNME #17: 8.7

Bob’s Reaction: 
Bossman has in the main event scene and feuding with Hogan for the rest of the year. I was kind of annoyed that Hogan was able to fight him off despite being handcuffed to a guard railing. It’s just nice to see some fresh blood in the main event scene for the WWF.

Having the Brainbusters in the WWF is an odd sight to see. Anderson and Blanchard have been a staple for the NWA that they just seemed out of place in a way. They weren’t muscular beasts like the other teams in the WWF at the time. They are a great addition to the tag division, though.

I hadn’t realized that the King of the Ring had been introduced in 1988. DiBiase winning the tournament was a good choice and was needed to help him recover from his constant losses to Savage.

What are your memories of the WWF at this time? Please, share them!

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