Smackdown – March 8, 2013

March 8, 2013
Times Union Center, Albany, New York
Michael Cole, Josh Matthews
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
continue to move closer to Wrestlemania with this stop in Albany.
The main event tonight is the match that the fans picked last week
with Alberto Del Rio facing Dolph Ziggler although not for the title.
Other than that we’re likely to see some more development in
Sheamus/Orton/Big Show vs. Shield in a story that started last week.
Also I’m sure Swagger and Colter will be here. Let’s get to it.

open with an In Memory graphic to Paul Bearer. Very nice.
opening video shows the end of last week’s show with Orton and
Sheamus being ready to fight Shield before Big Show gave them a
surprise hand. Tonight it’s Sheamus vs. Big Show.
are Swagger and Colter to start things off. Swagger introduces
Colter, who wants the crowd to admit that they all think like him.
Everyone should be able to see what’s wrong with America, but
everyone else is too afraid to do something about it. Colter asks
how many people know someone who has lost a job to someone who has
snuck across the border and will work for a lower wage. He talks
about writing a new bill of rights for the citizens because they’ve
had enough of this and if you don’t like it that’s too bad.
brings out Alberto and Ricardo with the champion saying that he’s got
proof of what Colter and Swagger really think America is about. We
get a video of Ricardo dressed as Colter and Alberto portraying
Swagger. Ricardolter says the real threat to America is Mexican
food, because real American bellies can’t take those kinds of beans
and spices. Real Americans love pizza and French fries you see.
Swaggerto wants to go get a pizza but he isn’t allowed to because he
has to say his catchphrase first. Not bad.
the match we see 3MB getting beaten up by Tensai/Brodus Clay/Honky
Tonk Man. This is non-title and it’s Slater and McIntyre for 3MB.
Kane and McIntyre start things off with both guys getting in a shot
to the face before it’s off to Slater. Kane elbows him down and
Bryan gets a tag in. Bryan sends Heath to the floor with a
hurricanrana but misses the knee off the apron. McIntyre gets in a
shot to the head of Bryan and the band takes over.
pounds away in the corner as 3MB makes some quick tags in and out.
McIntyre stays in for a bit and is caught in a belly to back suplex
from Daniel, allowing for the hot tag to Kane. Slater comes in as
well and is immediately run over by the monster. A low dropkick
keeps Slater down as does an uppercut which gets two. There’s the
side slam for good measure but a Jinder Mahal distraction lets Slater
stay out of the chokeslam. Bryan tags himself in and counters a
rollup attempt into the NO Lock on Slater for the submission at 3:52.
D+. This was a glorified squash
as HELL NO continues to roll along while having no challengers in
sight. There’s no one for them to fight at the moment and they
aren’t having as many problems as they had before, so what is there
to be interested about with them right now? They aren’t really even
funny together anymore.
hear about Natalya and Alicia Fox going to Rwanda on a charity trip
for malaria relief.
talks about how the fans voted him in to face Del Rio because they
want to see the most show stealing match in Smackdown history. It’s
also about the MITB case because history will be made tonight.
is on the way to the ring for a match when he sees Mark Henry. They
stare each other down again but nothing happens.
Maddox has joined the commentary booth.
see HHH’s challenge to Brock Lesnar from Raw.
Sandow is in the ring saying that tonight he’s facing the brute that
Darwin’s theory of evolution forgot. If he’s hungry, he should feed
himself with the arts.
vs. Damien Sandow
takes him into the corner to start before throwing Sandow across the
ring. Sandow rolls to the floor for only a few seconds before Ryback
throws him back in. Damien gets in one shot but sees Ryback glaring
at him, sending him running away. Back in again and Sandow gets in a
few shots to the back to take over.
knees to the ribs slow Ryback down as Maddox thinks Cole is his
employee. Off to a chinlock by Damien but Ryback quickly breaks free
and elbows him down. A backdrop puts Damien down again as Maddox
thinks Ryback is cheating somehow. The Meat Hook sets up the Shell
Shock for the pin on Sandow at 3:23.
D+. Another squash here as
Sandow’s offense seemed to annoy Ryback more than hurt him. That’s a
good sign though as Ryback is starting to string together some
victories after the disastrous winter that he just got done with.
The fans still seem to like him though and that’s a good sign for the
get a clip from after Raw went off the air where the Shield attacked
Big Show and actually managed the hit him with the TripleBomb.
Show says he’ll fight anyone that gets in his way and knock them out.
Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler
here again. Brad applauds himself for signing off on this match
despite having nothing to do with it. If he wasn’t so worthless I
might say I like him a bit. Ziggler shoves him into the corner to
start and hits a Stinger Splash before choking away a bit. Langston
adds in a shot of his own so Ricardo hits him with a towel. Langston
goes after Rodriguez so Ricardo picks up the bucket and throws some
water, which hits AJ by mistake. AJ chases Ricardo around but gets
caught by Big E., earning the two of them an ejection. The match has
basically stopped during this whole scene.
take a break and come back with Dolph getting two off an elbow drop.
Off to a chinlock by Ziggler for a bit but Del Rio comes back with a
sunset flip for two. Swagger and Colter are watching in the back.
Off to another chinlock with a body scissors by Ziggler which doesn’t
last long again. Del Rio launches Dolph into the air before putting
him on the top rope for a reverse superplex. It stuns both guys
though so they stand up for a slugout.
takes over again with some clotheslines and a tilt-a-whirl
backbreaker followed by the low superkick for two. Ziggler is sent
into the corner but he fights out of the Backstabber, only to be
caught in the second attempt, getting two for Del Rio. Josh brings
up a good point on commentary: where is Booker? He’s barely been
around in the last few weeks.
goes up but jumps into a dropkick which only gets two for Dolph. A
German suplex gets a near fall on Ziggler but he comes back with a
tornado DDT for the same. The cross armbreaker is countered into a
rollup but the second attempt gets the submission from Dolph at 10:02
shown of 13:32.
B-. This started off stupid
with all of the comedy antics but it picked up by the end. The
problem here though is the usual: Ziggler loses yet again, despite
probably cashing in soon. I know I’ve been saying that for awhile
now but he has until July, which is a lot closer than it sounds. I
hope he loses at this point though, because it would make the title
look weak otherwise.
the back, Bryan makes fun of AJ for being soaked and looking like a
Shetland pony. She doesn’t care because soon enough she’ll be with
the World Heavyweight Champion. Bryan reminds her that when they
were together, he was world champion. AJ says he lost it in 18
seconds, but Bryan says with Ziggler, AJ should be used to stuff
lasting 18 seconds.
Henry vs. Yoshi Tatsu
is exactly what you would expect with Henry winning in 39 seconds via
the World’s Strongest Slam.
get Donald Trump’s Hall of Fame video.
says Big Show shouldn’t blame him for what Shield did to him on Raw.
It doesn’t surprise him though because nothing Big Show does is his
fault. It’s not his fault that his gear smells because he never
washes it or that people think he’s Shrek when he goes to Universal
Studios. It won’t be his fault either when Sheamus kicks his head
off later tonight.
go back to Raw to see Rock and Cena’s confrontation.
vs. Tamina Snuka
is at ringside. Non-title again here and Kaitlyn starts fast with a
backdrop. Cole gets sent face first into the ropes which sends her
out to the floor. Layla gets knocked down on the floor so she tries
to get in, allowing Tamina to hit a Samoan Drop on Kaitlyn for the
pin at 1:24.
and Rhodes are watching in the back. Damien wants to talk strategy
for their match on Monday but Rhodes wants to talk about Kaitlyn.
Sandow thinks she’s a good wrestler but Rhodes means as a woman.
Damien thinks she’s a success given how bad her genetic makeup is.
These two still have decent chemistry together.
debuts tonight….allegedly.
Gabriel vs. Fandango
match again as Fandango doesn’t like how Lillian pronounces his name.
Fandango calls her Jillian.
and Teddy are in the back and don’t know what to think of what they
just saw. Booker sends Teddy to tell Fandango that he has to perform
the next time he’s told to.
get a video from Raw, summarizing that Undertaker faces Punk at
and Swagger video on speaking English.
vs. Big Show
tries his chop in the corner but Sheamus avoids it and pounds away at
the giant. A headbutt puts Sheamus down though and Show pounds away
in the corner. Show spears him down to the floor where Sheamus is
chopped in the chest. As they come back in, Sheamus gets in some
shots to the chest, only to be launched into the timekeeper’s area as
we take a break.
with Big Show holding a nerve hold followed by a side slam for two.
Big Show goes up for his Vader Bomb but Sheamus pulls him down. Show
escapes again and hits the falling backwards powerbomb for two. We
head to the corner for a long series of chops by Big Show before he
grabs Sheamus by the beard. Sheamus fights back with shoulders
blocks in the middle of the ring as well as in the corner before
clotheslining Big Show down.
goes up, only to jump into a chokeslam. He counters with a DDT for
two though and both guys are down. Big Show blocks White Noise but
can’t block it twice in a row, allowing Sheamus to plant him with it.
Sheamus loads up the Brogue Kick but Big Show rolls to the floor.
The Irishman hits a clothesline off the apron to put Show down again
and we head back inside. As Show is on the apron though it’s a
Brogue Kick to put him down again. Here’s Shield though and we’ll
say the match is thrown out at 7:00 shown of 10:30.
C. This was their usual hard
hitting brawl but the match wasn’t flowing as well as it usually
does. It was more like a collection of moves instead a well built
match like they had at Hell in a Cell or one of their later fights.
To be fair though this is just a Smackdown match with a run-in finish
so it’s not like they needed to make it as good as they had before.
Sheamus surrounded, here’s Orton to even the odds a little bit. The
numbers catch up with them though until Big Show gets up and cleans
house almost on his own. The Shield runs away and Big Show knocks
out Sheamus, onlly to walk into an RKO to end the show.
C-. This wasn’t a great
episode. They’re definitely in build mode for Wrestlemania, but
there are still some holes with no matches. It’s clear that Ryback
is fighting Henry and the six man is going to happen as well as the
world title, but stuff like Ziggler and the tag champions aren’t
clear yet. With nothing coming up for them yet, it’s kind of dull
watching them have the same seemingly meaningless matches that we’ve
watched them have for months.
NO b. 3MB – NO Lock to Slater
b. Damien Sandow – Shell Shock
Del Rio b. Dolph Ziggler – Cross Armbreaker
Henry b. Yoshi Tatsu – World’s Strongest Slam
Snuka b. Kaitlyn – Samoan Drop
Show vs. Sheamus went to a no contest when Shield interfered
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