ROH TV 3-2-13

Featuring a 5-day delay due to DVR problems…

The Flatliners vs. Steve
Corino & Rhino:
Burns (who looks more like Goldberg than Ryback does)
and Corino start, Burns gets the better of a lockup, punches away, and tags in
Asylum. He spears Corino in the corner, Burns hits a neckbreaker, and Asylum
hits a legdrop for 2. Corino is back up chopping, but Asylum is selling none of
it and tags Burns back in, who gets a dropkick for 2. Atomic drop and a kick
from Burns brings in Rhino to knock him down with a clothesline. Now Rhino is
in legally and beats Burns down in the corner. Corino is back in with a DDT for
2, he tags in Rhino who does some generic brawling stuff until he catches an
elbow on a blind charge. Both guys tag out and the jobber side hits a nice
facecrusher/German suplex combo for 2 but Rhino Gores Asylum and Corino pins
him at 4:34. As usual, this was too short, but some nice double-teaming from
The Flatliners made this pretty watchable. **.
Nigel McGuiness brings out Matt Hardy (sign in crowd: “The
IHOP Fatt Hardy”) and his stolen TV title. Hardy claims that he only clocked
Adam Cole with the belt to defend himself, and that McGuiness is jealous.
McGuiness announces that Hardy/Cole will take place at the next TV taping, but
it will only be for the title if he can show that he can fight with honor in a
4 corners match next week (or tomorrow, I guess). Of course, we know now that
it won’t be for the title no matter what. Hardy hands the belt back to
McGuiness, and that’s it. Whatever.
Vinny Marseglia vs.
Grizzly Redwood:
Wait, here’s Kevin Steen to hit Marseglia with the package
piledriver. He offers Grizzly a match…
Grizzly Redwood vs.
Kevin Steen:
I assume this is non-title, though it’s not as if Redwood has
a chance in hell of winning anyway. Steen tries the package piledriver as soon
as the bell rings, Redwood fights free and throws punches before Steen
flapjacks him. Cannonball misses and Redwood tries a springboard DDT, Steen
hold on and tries the F5, Redwood turns that into a sleeper but Steen falls
backwards and splatters him. Standing senton from Steen, Redwood is back up
swinging but Steen clotheslines the s--- out of him and goes up top. Senton
from the top misses, springboard DDT from Redwood hits this time and Steen
bails to the floor. Redwood hits a dive through the ropes and tries a crossbody
from the apron but Steen catches him and hits him with a fallaway slam into the
barricade. Powerbomb on the apron and the F5 finish it at 4:06. Just a squash, and Redwood is terrible.
*, Steen helps Redwood back to his feet after the match.
Inside ROH: Truth
Martini cuts his usual horrible promo, and we get hype for the main event
ROH Tag Team title:
Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas vs. The Briscoes:
Special stipulation: if
WGTT loses they can never team in ROH again. Haas and Jay start us off, Haas
hits some nicely stiff punches in the corner. Mark comes in with a springboard
dropkick and chokes Haas with his shirt. Haas bails to the outside and Mark
hits WGTT with a somersault dive from the top and all 4 guys brawl on the floor.
Back in the ring Mark tries using a chair but the ref grabs it and Haas just
plants Mark with a German suplex as we go to a break.
Back from “commercial” Benjamin and Jay are in, Benjamin
hits a side slam for 2. Jay gets dumped to the floor and Haas drops him
back-first onto the guardrail. That Cheeseburger kid is at ringside, and he too
tastes the barricade. Now Shelton has Mark in a chinlock, as the ref seems to
be playing it pretty loose with the legal man rule here. Haas in now with more
punching, he tries a backdrop but Mark lands on feet and tags in Jay, who comes
in with, you guessed it, more punching. An avalanche and a Yazuka kick get 2,
Death Valley Driver but Benjamin makes the save. Doomsday Device, but Benjamin
pulls the ref out of the ring. Haas hits a spinebuster, both guys tag out and
Benjamin and Mark brawl some more, Mark goes for the froggy elbow but Shelton
catches him with a superplex for 2. DVD from Mark and he goes to the top again,
this time Haas knocks him off. Springboard dropkick by Benjamin for 2, double
powerbomb by WGTT and now Jay pulls the ref out. The Briscoes try the Doomsday
Device on Benjamin, who pushes Jay into Mark to break it up… and now Haas turns
on Benjamin, hitting him with the Olympic slam. Froogy elbow from Mark finishes
Benjamin at 11:19 aired. **, decent match, but would have been better as a
streetfight or something given the fact that the match was all brawling. The
commentators don’t know what to make of the turn, as there’s never been any
kayfabe reason for the two of them to have any problems with each other.
A senseless turn and 2 squash matches make this show pretty
worthless. Next week: we bid Baltimore goodbye with Hardy, Michael Elgin,
Roderick Strong, and Davey Richards in a 4-way match.