NXT – March 6, 2013

March 6, 2013
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Tony Dawson, William Regal
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
back in Florida for more NXT where the Shield made their presence
known again last week, breaking up a #1 contender’s match between
Conor O’Brian and Corey Graves after presumably attacking Bo Dallas.
Other than that we had the Wyatt Family get even stronger than usual
by having Bray himself get in the ring for some destruction. Let’s
get to it.

Commissioner Dusty Rhodes to open things up. He announces the main
event for tonight as Graves vs. O’Brian vs. Dallas for the next shot
at the title with extra security to keep the Shield from interfering.
Neville/Oliver Grey vs. Judas Devlin/Scott Dawson
and Grey are tag champions but this is non-title. There’s no Grey
though and Neville doesn’t know where he is. He was here earlier but
somewhere in between there he disappeared. Neville agrees to fight
them on his own and starts against Dawson. A quick arm wringer puts
Dawson down and it’s off to an armbar. It’s off to Judas who is a
big tattooed man with long hair. Judas doesn’t do much of note
before it’s back to Dawson.
comes back in for a chinlock as the numbers game is starting to catch
up with Neville. As the hold is on, the Wyatt Family drags Grey out
to the stage. Grey is barely conscious and is reaching towards the
ring. Neville fights out of the hold but is distracted by Grey,
allowing the team to take over again. Dawson puts Adrian on the top
but gets knocked down, allowing Neville to hit the corkscrew shooting
star press for the pin at 3:21.
D+. Not much to see here but
it’s about the story rather than the match. The Wyatt Family wanting
revenge for losing in the title match is the right idea and it sets
up a good dynamic of the much smaller champions having to fight the
monsters with an even bigger disadvantage. That shooting star is
absolutely stunning too.
checks on his partner post match.
Kruger vs. Yoshi Tatsu
fans cheer for Yoshi as I’m guessing they meant to go to the Nintendo
convention instead of this show. Kruger grabs a headlock to start
but gets caught in an atomic drop followed by a second one for good
measure. Kruger comes back by sending Yoshi’s shoulder into the
buckle before cranking on the arm on the mat. Yoshi finally makes a
rope and fights up but a shot to the arm stops him cold. Kruger hits
a big clothesline and finishes Tatsu with a seated armbar at 2:59.
Total squash.
Banks/Cameron/Naomi vs. Audrey Marie/Alicia Fox/Aksana
and Naomi dance a lot before the match. Fox and Banks start things
off with Sasha taking over with a headscissors. Off to Aksana who
has just as much luck as her partner before it’s off to Cameron. Oh
wait we need a dance break. Back to the wrestling now with Audrey
getting in a kick to Cameron’s back from the apron to take over.
Aksana puts her in the corner and does that crawl of hers, only to
get caught by a cross body for two by Cameron.
to Fox who gets a quick one count off a northern lights suplex. Off
to Audrey now who hooks a body scissors which only lasts for a few
seconds before Cameron can tag off to Naomi. Things speed up as
Naomi hits a flying clothesline to Audrey and an enziguri for two on
Aksana. A leg lariat is enough to pin Audrey at 4:25.
C-. As usual, the Divas of NXT
are far more interesting and talented than those of Raw and
Smackdown. Cameron isn’t much in the ring but Naomi has good
athleticism and energy. Unfortunately here the focus was on the main
show girls instead of the more talented NXT girls because they’re the
Dallas talks about how his career is skyrocketing right now due to
winning the NXT Tournament and beating Wade Barrett on Raw. Bray
Wyatt comes up and talks about laying out Dallas a few weeks ago. If
Dallas had accepted Wyatt’s offer to join the Family, he would have
been protected against the Shield last week. Bo says stay away from
him because he isn’t interested. Wyatt calls him a foolish young
Del Rio will be here next week.
Rae insists on being called the First Lady of NXT and insists on the
interviewer introducing her again. Rae talks about putting Paige on
the shelf for good and taking away her popularity. If Rebecca, the
interviewer, ever introduces her improperly again, she’ll be taken
out like trash.
reassures us that they’re still here to shield us from injustice.
The injustice from last week was O’Brian, Dallas and Graves believing
they deserved a title shot. Ambrose talks about putting a crack in
the foundation of WWE. They’ve done it on Raw and Smackdown so it’s
time to do it here on NXT. It should be Rollins getting the title
shot, not any of those three.
Graves vs. Conor O’Brian vs. Bo Dallas
winner gets the title shot at Langston at some point in the future.
O’Brian runs over Dallas to start and Graves stomps away. Conor
doesn’t seem interested in helping him so instead he beats up Corey
for a bit. Graves manages to send him to the floor and puts Bo in a
chinlock as we take a break. Back with Dallas sending Graves to the
floor but as he follows, Conor pops up to clothesline Dallas down.
With Conor on the apron, Corey fires some shoulder to his ribs. That
gets him nowhere though as O’Brian knocks him away and gets two off a
top rope clothesline.
is back in now but O’Brian keeps full control of the match. Conor
wraps his legs around Graves’ head for a neck crank, getting two as a
result. The attention shifts to Dallas now with O’Brian throwing him
into Graves in the corner which gets another two count. Graves gets
a boot up in the corner to stagger O’Brian, allowing Dallas and Corey
to double team Conor with a double suplex.
alliance is short lived though as they start fighting each other
again, resulting in a belly to back suplex by Bo. Dallas pounds away
in the corner but stops when he sees Bray Wyatt on the apron. We
take another break and come back with Graves pounding away on both
guys. A gordbuster gets two on Bo and there’s a half crab for good
measure. Conor breaks it up but Graves beats him down as a result.
Dallas is sent to the apron but goes up and gets crotched right back
down. Corey loads up a superplex but O’Brian pulls him off the ropes
and slams him face first into the mat.
hits a quick missile dropkick on Conor for two as Bray is coming
closer to the ring. O’Brian is sent face first into the buckle and
has Dallas use his body as a springboard for a tornado bulldog on
Graves, getting two. A DDT gets two on O’Brian but Graves kicks out
Dallas’ leg. There’s the 13th
Step leg lock on Bo but O’Brian comes in and puts Corey in a Koji
Clutch to break the hold.
breaks up that hold and is all fired up now. O’Brian is dropkicked
to the floor and the belly to belly puts Graves down, but Wyatt pulls
Corey to the floor. Bo breaks his concentration and yells at Wyatt,
allowing O’Brian to hit him with a full nelson slam for the pin at
12:11 shown of 19:11.
B. Good stuff here as they had
a lot of time to work with. Wyatt and Dallas building their story
was a good idea and it makes the most sense to have O’Brian win, as
he and Langston have unfinished business to get to. This was a solid
main event and it sets up more for future shows, so what else can you
ask of it?
B. There was a lot of
angle advancement here with a good match to top it off. The Wyatt
Family getting a renewed push is a good thing to see and hopefully
we’ll get some more of the awesome promos to back it up. NXT
continues to be an entertaining week to week show as they make you
want to come back for more. So few shows get that concept anymore
and it’s nice to see for a change.
Neville b. Scott Dawson/Judas Devlin – Corkscrew Shooting Star
Press to Dawson
Kruger b. Yoshi Tatsu – Seated Armbar
Banks/Cameron/Naomi b. Audrey Marie/Alicia Fox/Aksana – Leg lariat
to Marie
O’Brian b. Bo Dallas and Corey Graves – Full Nelson Slam to Dallas
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