WWF Championship Wrestling August 4th, 1984

August 4th ,1984
Your hosts are Tony Garea and Vince McMahon

Salvatore Bellomo vs. “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff
Crowd is all over Orndorff. Garea notes that you do not get a physique like Orndorff’s by drinking beer and eating crackers but rather by going to the gym. Already, he is more informative than Okerlund. After a few lockups, both men take it to the mat. Bellomo works a hammerlock but Orndorff escapes and takes Bellomo down with a kneelift then stomps away. Bellomo comes back with a hiptoss and Orndorff bails. He comes back in then tosses Bellomo through the ropes. He beats the crap out of Bellomo then slams him to the floor. Back in the ring, Orndorff gets a backdrop and a running dropkick. He continues his assault on Bellomo for a bit. Bellomo tries to fight back but Orndorff hits a back suplex. Bellomo comes back with a dropkick but Orndorff catches him and stunguns him off the ropes. He then drops the forearm on the throat of Bellomo for the win (6:12)
Thoughts: I always enjoy Orndorff beating the piss out of Bellomo. As bad as Bellomo was, he could at least sell decently. Orndorff continues to get massive heat, trailing only Piper and the Iron Sheik in that department.
B. Brian Blair vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine
Albano is not with Valentine this week. Both men start out with some matwork and neither man can gain the advantage. They trade scoop slams then have a slugfest until Blair goes to work on the arm. Valentine hits an inverted atomic drop then takes control. Kneedrop gets two. Valentine works the arm for a while until Blair breaks the hold by running him into the corner. Blair takes him down with a kneelift then punches away. He drops a few knees and goes back to work with punches. In a terrible looking spot, Valentine ducks a charge and Blair flies out of the ring. The timing of this was way off. Valentine tries to suplex Blair into the ring from the apron but he floats over and gets a small package. The ref gets no the ground to see whose shoulders are down then Valentine uses Blair’s tights for leverage and gets the win (6:18).
Thoughts: Good action, although the last minute was poorly executed, including the finish. The ref was on the ground for far too long before he counted. These are really good workers and one of the better TV matches in a while.
We are shown the last five minutes of the Moolah vs. Richter match from the last MSG show. They  also included the interview with Moolah and Albano that took place prior to their ring entrance.
WWF Update with Vince McMahon. This week’s subject is Sgt. Slaughter and his recent visit to West Point. We see a clip of Slaughter looking proudly at the Statute of Liberty from the ferry. Nothing to see here but this corny stuff kinda worked in 1984.
Roddy Piper is by himself and ranting like a lunatic. He shows us a clip of Okerlund interviewing Cyndi Lauper after the MSG show then says that he can prove that Richter did not beat Moolah and invites Richter onto Piper’s Pit next week. Not the best work from Piper.
“Gentleman” Jerry Valiant vs. Hulk Hogan
A rare TV appearance for Hogan. Hulk is wearing the blue tights and still using “Eye of the Tiger” as his theme song. Hogan ducks a punch but Valiant gets him in the corner. Hulk blocks a turnbuckle smash and nails Valiant. He takes him down with a shoulder block then grabs a side headlock. Valiant escapes and briefly works a nerve hold as the crowd is screaming for Hogan. Hulk breaks free and punches away as Valiant gets caught in the ropes. Hulk hits a clothesline then drops an elbow. He slams Valiant then drops the leg for the win (2:56).
Thoughts: Decent squash, actually. Hogan could actually move around in the ring at this time. His moveset wasn’t the most varied but he was better than most of the faces on the roster in terms of in-ring ability.
Final Thoughts: Decent show. Blair/Valentine was good and we got to see Orndorff and Hogan in action. They are still playing up the Piper/Lauper stuff as well. The next show was part of the first TV tapings in Poughkeepsie, which would continue until 1986 when Championship Wrestling became “WWF Superstars” and tapings were done on the road.