More Savage detective work

So I’m reading the newly posted Observer from January 96, and Dave drops this tidbit about the Billionaire Ted skits:

Most who called here thought the skit was hilarious. Even those in WCW. The one thing that should comfort everyone that doesn’t like all the name calling (as if this is something unique in wrestling and you don’t see it in every phone company commercial) is they should realize that if Hogan or Savage were to call Vince tomorrow, they’d be on top there the next day (and visa versa with top WWF talent), and that some day if WWF survives, Hogan and Savage will be back there and they’ll all be best friends again.

Now certainly that proved to be true with Hogan, but this was written in January 1996 and apparently Savage didn’t have the heat with Vince at this point, so doesn’t that kind of discount the theory about Vince being pissed about him leaving in 94?  I wonder when the Savage-Vince thing started to become common knowledge?  Also from this issue, another couple of amusing bits (to me, at least):

Brian Heffron of 2117 S. 13th St., Philadelphia, PA 19148 is looking for 1993 videos of Van Halen.

Mr. Heffron would of course make his ECW debut later in the year as the Blue Meanie. And finally, from the letters page: Is there any doubt competition benefits the consumer? As a result of the Monday Night Wars, we are seeing PPV calibre matches and can’t miss shows every week. Seeing Hulk Hogan booed out of the arena and hearing Hogan sucks chants gives me goose bumps I was so excited. I’d like to see Hogan every week on Nitro just to see the bewildered look on his face. As pathetic as WCW is, and it’s most entertaining stuff happens by accident, at least it has given Vince McMahon a much needed wake-up call. We may be witnessing the end of family entertainment and the advent of hardcore wrestling in the WWF. A wise business move? Probably not, but the success of UFC and ECW gives hope that a harder edged wrestling product can be more than just niche-based and small scale. In Your House was tremendous. Just reading the signs at ringside was worth the purchase price. If the change of direction doesn’t work, well, at least it will be fun to watch for a few months. Joe Fiore Nahant, Massachusetts DM: Competition definitely benefits the consumer in the short-run. However, if the long-term or end result is a serious weakening of the WWF, that benefits nobody except perhaps Eric Bischoff and Ted Turner, not the fans and certainly most of all not the performers. Yeah, hopefully the WWF won’t end up seriously weakened by WCW winning the Monday Night Wars.  Maybe WCW would even book an invasion angle where former WWF stars try to take over Monday Nitro, and then Vince McMahon could even get a job as the Nitro GM while Garrett Bischoff is awarded the World title.