Chris Benoit in the HOF?

I know this subject has been beaten to death – forgive me the bad pun – but I'd like to know you're opinion on Chris Benoit and the Hall of Fame. My question isn't whether WWE is going to induct him (I'm not THAT naîve), what I want to know is if you think he SHOULD? Many Benoit marks, not only claim that he should be inducted, since the WWE HOF celebrates the talent and contributions to the biz, and shouldn't be a "trial" for people's mistakes, outside the biz; but also because people like Mike Tyson is in (because os his rapes accusations). I think this is bullshit, but I would very like to know your opinion on the subject as a general. 

Thank you and keep up with the good work!

I think he totally warrants inclusion on merit, yes.  However, it would be such a political nightmare that clearly he should never actually be inducted.  Mike Tyson's demons and Benoit's demons are in two totally different circles of hell.