Yearly Review: WWF September 1988

The WWF continues to move along into the fall of 1988. A new challenger steps up to challenge WWF World Champion Randy Savage while Ted DiBiase puts his money to use.

WWF World Championship Scene: (currently held by: Randy Savage)
Savage continued to battle Ted DiBiase on the house show market. Savage
was able to defeat DiBiase in a cage match on September 24th at the
Philadelphia Spectrum.

However, DiBiase was not Savage’s main opponent on the house show
market. Instead, Savage would continually battle Andre the Giant to
double count-out finishes. On September 29th at MSG, Andre grabbed Miss
Elizabeth by the ankle while on the floor leading to Savage attacking
Andre and both men were counted out. Andre would pose with the belt
while Savage carried Elizabeth to the backstage area.

WWF Intercontinental Championship Scene: (currently held by: the Ultimate Warrior)
Nothing much of note occurred with Warrior this month. Warrior continued
to wrestle Honky Tonk Man on the house show market but would never get a
clean win over Honky. Instead, if Warrior were to beat Honky it would
be by disqualification. Warrior would actually lose several matches by
count-out as Honky’s manager Jimmy Hart would prevent Warrior from
entering the ring or would be chased around ringside leading to the ten

WWF World Tag Team Championship Scene: (currently held by: Demolition)

The British Bulldogs stepped up as the next challenge for the champions,
Demolition. At the September 13th taping for WWF Superstars, the
Bulldogs attacked Demolition when Dynamite delivered a diving head butt
onto Smash after being tossed by Davey Boy Smith. The Bulldogs had saved
a jobber team from a further beat down.

Demolition would continually beat the British Bulldogs on the house show market throughout the month.

Other Happenings:
– During the September 13th taping of WWF Superstars, Ted DiBiase
announced that he had purchased Hercules from Bobby Heenan to be his
personal slave. This announcement didn’t sit well with Hercules and he
attacked both DiBiase and Virgil during the interview segment.

– Also at the September 13th taping of WWF Superstars, the first vignette of Mr. Perfect was aired.

– Bobby Heenan announced that Terry Taylor had joined the Heenan
Family. Heenan proclaimed that he could take an “average wrestler” and
make him into a star. Taylor would be renamed the Red Rooster.

– The feud between Rick Rude and Jake Roberts continued. A notable
advancement of the feud was Jake’s wife Cheryl being at ringside for
every match between Rude and Roberts so that she could slap Rude every
time Roberts beats him.

– Hulk Hogan began a feud with Bad News Brown, mostly on the house
show market. On September 11th, Hogan was able to beat Brown after
having been taunted earlier in the show by Brown.

– Both the Rockers and Big Bossman, two new talents to the company, continued their winning ways throughout the month.

Bob’s Reaction:
It’s kind of sad to see DiBiase go from main eventing SummerSlam to working an angle with Hercules. Yes, I’m aware that Hercules wasn’t at the bottom of the pile but it’s a noticeable de-push. It makes sense, though. DiBiase wasn’t given a strong push in the main event scene losing to Savage at every turn. He’ll be more successful in the midcard ranks.

The Red Rooster gimmick is just awful, even in 1988. It’s like they were looking to discredit Taylor while promoting him. It didn’t seem to make much sense to me, at all.

It’s clear that the heel roster is weak. Hogan is stuck working with Bad News Brown because Hogan has beaten everyone else a million times by this point. This is where the Big Bossman push comes into play and would help that issue.

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