Cena-Punk Revisited: Best RAW Match?

Didn’t want to mix this one with the thread from tonight’s show so just going do the discussion here.

Re-watching Cena-Punk from last week and a tremendous match it was. Where does it fit on the scale of great RAW matches? Things have gotten pretty diluted since 1998 when PPV matches became regularly seen on Monday night TV so the older stuff like Flair-Perfect from 1993 and the Bret Hart-Kid classic are largely left behind.

There are a few for me that always stick out. Austin-Benoit had a tremendous in 2001 I believe. Two-Man Power Trip vs. Benoit/Jericho was nearly a perfect affair. Bulldog/Owen vs. Austin/Michaels was nearly the same. The Michaels-Mankind match that started DX is a forgotten classic IMO. The 10-man tag in 2000 between HHH & The Radicalz vs. Rock/Foley/Too Cool/Rikishi had some of the greatest heat I’ve ever seen during a match and successfully got over seven new guys.

What’s your flavor. I will say that rolling through the 2004 RAWs that Michaels-Benoit was easily headed to ***** territory before HHH’s shenanigans stopped it. And the 8-man tag between Benoit/Foley/Benjamin/Michaels vs. Evolution is really good stuff. I don’t think Michaels-Benjamin of 2005 (??) is much over ****1/4 but it arguably had the best finish I’ve seen. Definitely the best crowd pop for a superkick. I know the Hardys/Edge & Christian had a really good ladder match too but it didn’t differentiate itself from their other matches outside of the Hardys actually winning.

What do you guys have to add?