HHH 1st title win

Hey Scott, you recently answered a couple questions regarding Triple

H's push to the top of the WWE, and I have a follow up for you.  In
late 1998 Triple H re-signed with the WWF, and at the time the rumors
were that he choose to stay rather than go to WCW because his new
contract guaranteed him a WWF World Title win in 1999.  Do you know if
there is any truth to the rumor?  With all the animosity surrounding
Triple H's position in WWE for the past decade, it seems odd that his
initial contractually guaranteed title win isn't a larger point of

I've certainly never heard that rumor before.  It was very well known that WWF wanted to push him to the moon regardless of contract wording or anything like that, though.  Trust me, we all knew the World title was coming in 1999 whether we wanted it or not.  I've actually heard other "such and such was guaranteed a title win" rumors in the past (Jericho being guaranteed a US title in WCW's last offer to him, for instance) but I've never actually seen anyone confirm any of them.