WWE Hall of Fame-Yay or Nay

Hey Scott,

With Wrestlemania season here I thought it would be fun to give you a list of 10 names or WWE personalities, that would not necessarily be locks for the HOF in the years to come, but you wouldn't dismiss outright either. So you tell me, Hall of Fame or Not? Maybe a quick comment on why or why not if you feel like it. Thanks!

1) Goldust

Nay.  Even in kayfabe he never got past a certain point.  
2) Sable

Important, but not politically juiced enough to qualify.  

3) Honky Tonk Man

Yay.  But then I'm a huge fan, of course.  But he's the greatest Intercontinental champion of all time anyway and clearly deserves it.
4 )Kane

I'd vote no, but he'll probably get in one day.  

5) Paul Bearer

Doesn't seem likely.  I'd say no anyway.  

6) Christian

He should lose to Orton on balloting and then just keep campaigning for ONE MORE VOTE.  

7) Batista

Without a doubt.  

8) Brock Lesnar

Yes, and he should give F5s to all the other inductees the year he goes in.  

9) Goldberg

It'll happen, yeah.  

10) Demolition (As a Team, I always liked these guys myself)
Should have happened many years ago.