Smackdown – March 1, 2013

March 1, 2013
Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Jerry Lawler, Josh Matthews, Michael Cole
is another special edition of the show called Social Media Smackdown.
In other words, the show is heavily themed around things like
Twitter, Tout and whatever else is popular in that area of
technology. I’m not entirely sure how we’re supposed to hear live
from fans during a taped show, but I’m sure WWE has some “clever”
idea in mind to solve this dilemma. Let’s get to it.

opening video talks about Orton and Sheamus attacking the Shield on
Monday in a surprise attack.
Del Rio vs. Damien Sandow
On the way to the ring, Sandow complains about the poor sentence
structure that the champion and Ricardo both use. He also doesn’t
like the spit bucket that Ricardo carries for some reason. Sandow is
only accomplished by his good looks and jealous gazes of the unwashed
masses. Alberto makes fun of Damien’s breath and we’re ready to go.
They fight over a lockup to start until Sandow gets a quick shoulder
to knock Del Rio down.
champion comes back with one of his own and Damien heads to the
apron. Back in and Sandow hooks a headlock before stomping away in
the corner. We get some tweets on the bottom of the screen to meet
the social media requirement of the match. Some of the commentary is
indeed new though as we hear Cole talk about some news stories from
comes back with a slam and a middle rope moonsault for two. Sandow
hooks a chinlock to no avail as Del Rio comes back with la majistral
(rolling cradle) for two. Damien is right back with a clothesline for
a near fall of his own though as the fast pace continues. Sandow
jumps into a kick to the ribs and gets backdropped out to the apron.
An enziguri puts him on the floor and we take a break.
with Damien slamming Del Rio down and dropping the Wind-Up Elbow for
two. Sandow drops some knees into the champion’s ribs and hooks a
chinlock with his knee in the back. Del Rio fights up and hooks a
German suplex to escape, putting both guys down. Back up and they
slug it out until the Del Rio comes back with some clotheslines and a
backbreaker. A low superkick gets two on Sandow as Swagger and
Colter are watching in the back.
cross armbreaker is countered into an Edge-O-Matic (reverse X-Factor)
for two. Del Rio sends Sandow into the ropes and spins him around,
allowing for some forearms to the back and a Backstabber for another
near fall. Alberto loads up something in the corner but charges into
a boot, followed by a running flip neckbreaker for two more for
Sandow. He loads Del Rio into the Terminus but Alberto counters into
the cross armbreaker for the submission at 9:42 shown of 13:12.
B. This was much better than I
was expecting with both guys moving very quickly. The idea here was
great with both guys getting to show off and look good in a match
where they both benefit. Del Rio gets a win over someone who isn’t
bad and Sandow gets to look good against the world champion. Above
all else though: this is a fresh match. We haven’t seen these two
fight, or at least not in awhile.
get some clips from the masterpiece of Cena vs. Punk on Raw.
NO is in the back and they talk about facing the Prime Time Players
again tonight but with the handicaps from Raw reversed: tonight Kane
is blindfolded and Bryan has an arm behind his back. Kane says fine
but Bryan yells because Kane doesn’t know what it’s like to be
blinded in a match. Kane is happy because he doesn’t have to look at
Bryan’s ugly goat face during the match. Bryan says no a lot.
Title: Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz
is 2/3 falls and Miz is challenging. No jacket of flag for Cesaro
this time. Miz grabs a fast rollup for two but Cesaro takes him to
the mat with ease. He puts a headlock on Miz before running him over
with a shoulder for two. Miz hits a back elbow of his own for one
and kicks Cesaro in the face for two more. The champion heads to the
floor for a breather but back inside Miz goes after the knee.
Antonio heads to the floor again, only to get caught by a sunset flip
back inside.
knee to the ribs puts Miz down for two and it’s off to a chinlock.
Miz fights up and hits a clothesline, only to charge into a kind of
torture rack slam for two. Cool looking move by Cesaro there. A
rollup gets two for Miz but Cesaro Neutralizes him for the first fall
at 4:02. We take a break and come back with the score tied up.
Apparently Miz won a fall with the Figure Four during a break. I
don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. Miz charges into the
gutwrench suplex for two and it’s back to the chinlock.
challenger fights up and stars raining down left hands on Cesaro but
the champion calls Miz a stupid American, earning himself a slap.
The Reality Check (backbreaker into a neckbreaker) is countered and
Cesaro throws Miz into the air for the European Uppercut for a very
close two. Cesaro taunts Miz, only to have the weak knee taken out
for two.
slug it out from their knees with Miz taking over and pounding away
on Cesaro in the corner. The running clothesline in the corner sets
up the top rope double ax handle for no cover. Back to the knee and
there’s the Figure Four but Antonio makes the rope. Miz tries the
hold again but Cesaro kicks him off. A rollup out of the corner gets
two for Miz but Cesaro reverses into one of his own, pulling the
trunks for the pin at 10:04 shown of 13:34.
C+. Another decent match
getting some length here and both guys got to look pretty good. It
was annoying having the second fall on the WWE App but I guess we
need to make sure we get it if we want to see the full match. Also
they just didn’t have time for the wrestling stuff tonight because we
need to TOUT STUFF later on in the show or something. Decent match
here and hopefully this ends this feud, although odds are it won’t
given the finish.
and Sheamus are in the back and Shemaus wants Randy to worry about
the Shield. Orton says he has to worry about Big Show tonight so
Sheamus offers to watch his back. Randy actually takes him up on the
on Fandango who debuts tonight.
good old JR to interview Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. JR talks about
how he recruited Swagger to wrestle when he was playing football at
the University of Oklahoma. Swagger insults the Sooners and Colter
says they gave JR this interview because he’s a real American. We
get a clip from September when Swagger walked out on Raw. Colter
answers for him, saying that he taught Swagger the truth about what
happens in America everyday.
doesn’t understand so Colter talks about how WWE is a microcosm of
what America is like. Colter thinks it’s interesting that Swagger
could go on a losing streak and leave at the same time someone like
Alberto Del Rio comes in and takes what should belong to Jack.
Colter goes into his usual schtick about illegal immigrants taking
jobs from Americans. Remarkably in one of the most conservative
states in the country, no one seems to disagree. Colter says that
Del Rio doesn’t share the same values that he and Swagger do, so Del
Rio needs to leave the country. Zeb compares Del Rio to rotten fruit
that should be trashed.
talks about Swagger winning the title at Wrestlemania but JR suggests
that Colter is brainwashing Swagger. Apparently whatever talking
Swagger and JR had done in the past means nothing anymore and JR
needs to be quiet before something bad happens to him. Swagger gets
in JR’s face and shoves him into the corner while calling JR a
sympathizer. This brings out Del Rio who stands between JR and
Swagger before saying that Swagger and Colter are the problems before
saying he’s the solution. That’s a very good line and it ends the
choices to face Del Rio next week are Ziggler, Barrett and Cesaro.
The winner will be announced later tonight.
NO vs. Prime Time Players
Kane is blindfolded and Bryan has an arm tied behind his back. After
a break, Kane puts a hood on over his mask but it has a goat face on
it. Funny stuff. Bryan has Kane start with Young so Darren has some
fun. He tries to trip Kane up in a school boy but the masked man
catches on. Darren: “IT DIDN’T WORK TITUS!” Kane catches up to
Darren and slams him down before Bryan tags himself in. After some
kicks to the chest, a one arm crucifix gets two on Young. It’s off
to Titus and we take a break.
with Daniel escaping from Titus and bringing in Kane. The fans help
Kane find Titus in the corner and there’s a hip toss by Kane, but he
can’t find Titus again. Young comes in off a tag and walks into a
chokeslam but Young rolls away from the cover. Bryan tags himself in
but Kane grabs the referee by the throat. Bryan tries to call him
off so Kane grabs Bryan with the other hand. Kane eventually feels
the beard and lets Bryan go, but the distraction lets Titus roll
Daniel up for the pin at 3:55 shown of 7:25.
D. I have no idea what the
point of this was. Is it that Bryan and Kane fight a lot? That’s
fine I guess, but they did this same idea on Raw on Monday. It
certainly wasn’t to push the Players as the division has already died
off again. It wasn’t for comedy because other than the goat face
hood, nothing on here was funny.
match Kane sees the goat face on the hood and is ticked off. Of all
the costumes he’s worn over the years, that’s the one that offends
him? Bryan wants a hug but Kane puts the hood on him and smacks
Bryan in the face.
Show says he’ll chokeslam Orton tonight.
Chris Jericho live via Skype where it’s the afternoon. He’s on tour
with Fozzie and bands like Metallica and Anthrax and plugs the replay
of Robot Combat League after Smackdown. That’s that apparently.
meet Fandango in the back where he rubs his chest and criticizes
Striker for his pronunciation of the name. We get some lessons in
how to say Fandango before Striker asks him about his fighting style.
Fandango says that he’s accomplished everything in the ballroom so
now it’s time to take his rhythm and grace to the ring. Striker says
Fandango’s debut is up next against what sounds like Zack Ryder, but
Fandango says the debut isn’t happening until Striker gets his name
right before walking off. Oh dear indeed.
recap Lesnar returning to attack Vince and HHH returning to fight off
Lesnar, busting him open in the process.
Rio faces Ziggler next week with over 50% of the vote.
Show vs. Randy Orton
Orton’s entrance we get a clip from Raw of Orton and Sheamus
distracting the Shield, allowing Orton to hit an RKO on Rollins.
Orton avoids the chop in the corner to start and pounds away on the
giant. Show knocks him back down and fires off a headbutt to stagger
Orton. The big mane takes over and things slow down as he pounds
away at Orton’s midsection. Show crushes him in the corner but gets
dropkicked out to the floor as we take a break.
with Big Show slamming elbows into Orton’s shoulder to keep him in
trouble. Show hooks a short arm scissors but Randy fights up with
some right hands. That gets him nowhere though as Big Show takes him
right back down with the Final Cut for two. Show goes to the middle
rope but his elbow from there hits the mat, allowing Orton to keep
pounds away at the head and counters the chokeslam into a DDT for
two. They head to the floor where Orton sends Big Show head first
into the post to slow him down even more. Back in and Orton kicks
Big Show in the jaw, allowing him to hit the Elevated DDT. Before he
can follow up though, here comes the Shield. Big Show is still down
so Orton is caught 3-1. Here’s Sheamus before Shield can get in the
ring and it’s 3-2. The fans chant FEED ME MORE as the match is
thrown out I’m guessing. For the time, we’ll say it was 7:00 shown
of about 10:30.
C-. The match was pretty slow
paced but it was jut there for the post match stuff. There’s nothing
wrong with that at all and it allowed for Big Show to prove he hasn’t
fallen far off the radar after losing the title. The Shield stuff is
the important stuff though so let’s get to that already.
and Sheamus get caught in the numbers game but Big Show gets back up
and knocks Reigns out cold. Rollins and Ambrose don’t know what to
think so they run away. This didn’t come off as a turn for Big Show
but rather him fighting someone he perceived as an imminent threat.
Big Show knocks Orton out with a punch so Sheamus Brogue Kicks him
C+. The first 45 minute
or so were really solid but then things started to taper off in a
hurry. The social media stuff wound up meaning nothing although the
version I watched which aired before it aired in America had slightly
different commentary and didn’t include the JBL or Jericho
interviews, the Call trailer or the Del Rio poll stuff. Still
though, the social media stuff meant nothing at all for the most
part. The show tonight was ok though and it looks like it set up a
six man tag for Wrestlemania.
Del Rio b. Damien Sandow – Cross armbreaker
Cesaro b. The Miz – Rollup with a handful of trunks
Time Players b. HELL NO – Rollup to Bryan
Orton vs. Big Show went to a no contest when Shield interfered
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