Mr. Perfect

Just watched the Mr. Perfect/ Savage vs. Flair/Ramon match you posted the other day.  Got me to thinking about when Perfect left for WCW in what I think was early 1996.  At the time I think he was in of his Managerial stints.  When he jumped,(for what I assume was more money) he started to wrestle again and went on to a moderate amount of success with the Horseman angle and then the redneck thing.  If he stays in WWF does he meander around or is he able to be relevant in the beginnings of the attitude era like Bret and Shawn?

Well obviously the back problems were going to be a big concern no matter where he was.  Even around 91 his back was pretty much shot and by the time of his planned WWF comeback in 96 there was no way he was going to be able to wrestle at anywhere near the same level that he was used to.  The reason he started wrestling again in WCW is that they were basically able to compensate him enough to justify losing his VERY lucrative insurance settlement.  I think that his WCW matches showed that he wouldn't have been anything special in WWF during the Attitude era as a worker, although if you can name a better choice for Vince's corporate champion in 98 I will call you a lying son of a bitch to your face and deduct 1/2* from Bryan-Punk out of spite as well.  So I think, yeah, best case he gets a few big paydays with Austin, probably hurts his back again in the process, and calls it a career.