Miz Plug

Hey Scott, I work at a TVG, a television network dedicated to horse racing which has zero to do with wrestling.  One of our hosts – Gino – is a huge wrestling fan though, and often brings it up on air.  His favorite wrestler of all time is The Miz, who just happens to be doing the promotional rounds for The Marine 3.  Last night we were able to make one of Gino’s dreams come true as the Miz phoned in for an interview with Gino.  I may be biased, but the interview was outstanding and I was hoping you’d be able to post it.  Gino would be thrilled for wrestling fans to have a chance to see it. Thanks so much! His all-time favorite wrestler is THE MIZ?!?  Does he know there’s like, literally 1000s of other people he could have chose from?  I bet Bret Hart would even have a list.  Still, everyone has their tastes, so who am I to judge?  As I always say, I’m not here to judge, just mock.