NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #33

February 26, 2003
A video package of last week’s AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett match airs. Jarrett retained as AJ got distracted by Sonny Siaki after getting pissed at SEX for interfering on his behalf.
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay

NWA-TNA X Division Champion Match
Jason Cross vs. Kid Kash w/Trinity
Tenay says that Cross has been out for the past month with a broken thumb. I have no idea how he got a title shot seeing how Jerry Lynn, who won a number one contender match two weeks ago, has yet to challenge Kash. They start by trading arm wringers and do some other counters. They have a nice, fast-paced sequence that ends in with both guy shaking hands. They go back to trading off arm wringers until Kash walks into a superkick, which gets two. Cross counters a hiptoss and Kash lands on the apron. Cross takes him off with a dropkick and slingshots onto Kash with a somersault plancha. Kash reverses an Irish whip and send Cross into a guardrail. They throw the chair at each other but Cross misses a kick and Kash bounces the chair off of his face. Back in the ring, Kash gets two off of a top rope clothesline. Cross floats over on a brainbuster attempt and gets two off of the Roll of the Dice. Somersault leg drop gets two. Trinity bangs the mat to get the crowd going as Cross grabs a chinlock. Kash fights out then escapes from a backslide attempt before hitting the Bank Roll. Cross ducks a clothesline and gets an enziguiri. The camera zooms in on Trinity’s ass then we see Cross go up top. Kash rolls away from the Crossfire and Kash goes wild. He hits a top rope rana then gets the win with a tornado DDT (6:39) **.
Thoughts: These guys did some nice stuff but this was just a collection of moves and featured no psychology. At least it was an entertaining way to open the show.
Goldylocks is backstage with Jeff Jarrett. She begs him to talk about last week’s meeting with Russo at his own home. Jarrett refuses to speak and walks away. They are acting like Jarrett has been dodging everyone since last week.
Russo heads to the ring. He is wearing the same ring jacket that the “Natural” Dustin Rhodes used to wear. Russo acknowledges the jacket, saying it was given to him by his friend Dustin, then says tonight’s theme is “Family and Friends.” Russo insults the crowd before talking about his best friend, Jeff Jarrett. He talks about going to Jarrett’s home last week as the crowd changes from “Russo Sucks” to chanting “Uncle Vince,” after Russo said that is what Jarrett’s kids call him. He then says that he talked with Jarrett through the night and it ended with Jarrett agreeing to join SEX, complete with a contract signing that will take place tonight. Russo then says that even though the crowd is “Scum,” they are all invited. He then extends an open invitation to the entire NWA-TNA locker room to join SEX. AJ Styles music hits and he comes out and insults Russo, calling him a “Yankee Bastard” among other things. AJ’s mic cuts out a bit and when it is back, AJ recalls how Russo told him that Jarrett would screw his on mother for the title. AJ then says he tried to do the right thing last week, but it cost him the belt and now its time for a change. Russo smiles as AJ, as he asks Russo if he can give him the blackened heart that he has given Jarrett, he would join SEX. Russo, who towers over AJ by the way, questions AJ if he is ready to dedicate his life to SEX. AJ asks for the pen and the contract as Raven makes his way to the ring. He tells Russo that he was brought from the WWE by him to face Jarrett for the belt, then insults AJ. Russo tells Raven it is about him, not Raven, then refers to the WWE as a “Hell-hole” and go on for a while until Raven mocks AJ, saying that the Sandman would destroy him. AJ tells Raven he might last in the X Division for a minute if he lost some weight and Raven tells AJ that he wouldn’t last at all with the Sandman. Russo then says that AJ will face the Sandman and that Raven will go up against a member of the X-Division. America’s Most Wanted come out and wants to know when they are getting their shot at the titles against XXX. Harris tells Russo that they are not like his “WCW rejects” and will not kiss his ass, but rather kick it. Russo insults AMW then brings up the 30 day rule for defending the titles, but Storm says that if XXX is not here, then “sorry about your damn luck.” I’m almost positive that at least one member of XXX was in Japan at this time. AMW then run into the ring but Russo bails. AMW go at it with Raven until The Hotshots run out, wearing “SEX” t-shirts and beat on AMW until security runs them off. The Hotshots go through the crowd and are welcomed by SEX. We had to sit through all of that to see the Hotshots join SEX?
Goldylocks is backstage with Vader and Dusty Rhodes. She asks them if they believe that Jarrett has joined “Sex Entertainment.” Man, did she fuck up that line or what. Dusty says that if you went to a man’s home like that in Texas, you would get “buckshot out of his ass” then accused Russo of stealing that jacket from his son. Vader makes his hand signals, looking heavier than ever while doing so. Dusty rambles on then Vader says its Vader time.
Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger vs. Disciples of the New Church w/Father James Mitchell
The Disciples are now acting full-fledged faces. The crowd starts an “Evil” chant. Diamond hits Slash with an armdrag. Slash takes down Diamond with a shoulderblock but misses an elbow drop after yelling out “Evil.” Diamond misses an elbow and Slash beats on him in the corner. Swinger runs in and he gets tossed and beat down as well. Slash whips Swinger towards Lee, who backdrops him to the floor. Ouch, Swinger took quite the bump. The New Church beat up their opponents outside of the ring for a while. Back inside, Slash gets hit with a superkick/clothesline combo. They hit Slash with another double team move and Lee runs out but gets restrained by the referee. Swinger gets two off of a back suplex then tags Diamond. He hits rolling suplexes, ending with a gordbuster and that gets two. He covers again and gets two. Swinger tags and they hit a double elbow smash. Slash counters a sleeper hold with a back suplex and both men are down. Slash makes the tag but the ref was distracted and did not see the tag and orders Lee back on the apron, after he already took out his opponents. Swinger is outside the ring and nails Slash in the head with a chair. Diamond covers but only gets two. Lee breaks up a double-team move as the ref is distracted by Mitchell. Lee is handed the spike by Mitchell, which was right in front of the referee mind you, and Lee hits Diamond with the spike and Slash hits the hangman’s neckbreaker for the win (6:33) *1/4.
Thoughts: Match was okay. It was a bit funny watching Slash as a total bayface, clapping and cheering at times, as he supposed to be this evil character. With the New Church as faces, they are still cheating.
Goldylocks is outside of Jarrett’s locker room. Jarrett invites her in and Goldy questions Jarrett. He tells her that he has known Russo for 12 years and that people think negatively of him. Jarrett says that he is a man of conviction and just trying to save the jobs of everyone involved in wrestling. He then opens up his jacket, revealing a SEX t-shirt. Yeah, no one believes this to be true.
The camera goes to West and Tenay at the booth, acting shocked about Jarrett supposedly aligning with Russo. West gives Tenay some words of encouragement. This then segues into an Tenay interview from earlier today with Glen Gilbertti and Mike Sanders. Tenay asks Gilbertti about his being the Director of Character Development for SEX and how many characters that he has actually developed. Gilbertti says that since SEX has been at TNA, ratings and buyrates have gone up. Tenay then asks Sanders about his role. Sanders tells Tenay that he does not care for his condescending tone and on the behalf of Vince Russo, will slap the taste out of his mouth. They go back and forth, with Tenay representing “Traditional Wrestling” and Gilberrti and Sanders representing “Sports Entertainment.” This goes on for way too long and it’s the same thing that has been going on since SEX came on the scene. Gilbertti says that they made David Arquette a wrestler, then adding how it was just as good of a decision as putting a wig on Kurt Angle. My god.
The Hotshots w/Mike Sanders & Glen Gilbertti vs. America’s Most Wanted
AMW charge into the ring. Harris destroys Stevens outside of the ring and Storm monkey flips O’Reilly. Storm kills him with a clothesline and tags Harris. AMW makes quick tags and eventually clear the ring of the Hotshots. Harris then elevates Storm over the ropes and onto the Hotshots. Back in, Harris hits Stevens with a delayed vertical suplex, getting two. O’Reilly hits Harris from behind and Stevens hits him with a dropkick. Stereo dropkick gets two by O’Reilly. Moonsaut gets two and the Hotshots double team Harris for a while. Fisherman’s suplex gets two from O’Reilly. Stevens now beats on Harris. Snap suplex gets two.  Hotshots use more double team stuff but Storm is getting sick of it and takes down Stevens. Harris makes the tag as Storm cleans house. Storm then boots O’Reilly right in the face after dodging a legsweep, getting two. Stevens comes in and dumps Storm. Harris picks him up but O’Reilly nails him with a superkick. Strom comes in and eventually catches O’Reilly with a superkick after he comes off the middle rope. Storm gets dumped again and Sanders sends him into the guardrail. In the ring, Harris catches Stevens with the catatonic but the ref is distracted. Gilbertti then comes off the top with an elbow drop and drags Stevens on top. The ref turns around and counts but it only gets two. Gilbertti then holds up Storm for Stevens but he moves out of the way and eats a clothesline, allowing Storm to hit the Eight Second Ride for the win (8:13) **1/4.
Thoughts: Easily the best Hotshots match in TNA. It helped that were with AMW though. Speaking of AMW, they are really on a role and by the end of the year, they were one of the best teams in wrestling.
Goldylocks is with Sonny Siaki. He is dressed in a zebra printed suit. Siaki tells Goldy that he is the “Ace in the Hole” then yells at the Harris Brothers, telling them to beat Dusty and Vader tonight. They ignore him. The rest of SEX walks in and they all blow him off as well. At least Siaki shows a little bit of personality in this role as the pretending to be in charge.
Raven vs. Julio Dinero
This is Dinero’s TNA debut. He comes out to the SAT’s theme song. Raven backs Dinero in the corner to start things off. Raven pushes Dinero the takes him down with a shoulderblock. Dinero uses his speed to avoid Raven and takes him down with a flying headdscissors. He hits a few European uppercuts then gets two off of an STO. Spinkick gets two. Dinero gets a swinging neckbreaker but misses a moonsault. Raven takes Dinero down with a clothesline. He sends Dinero over the top rope with a running kneelift then takes him into the guardrail with a Russian leg sweep. Back in, Raven works the back and puts Dinero in the Camel’s Clutch. Dinero hits Raven with a low blow but eats boot on a charge. Dinero fights back and both men are down. Dinero takes him down with a discus punch then a flying forearm. A pumphandle into a Samoan drop gets two. Dinero goes for the three point stance but Raven moves out of the way and he hits the referee. He gets a superkick but the ref is out cold. Dinero goes up top but AJ comes out and pushes him off, allowing Raven to hit the Evenflow DDT for the win (5:59) *1/2.
Thoughts: Match was fine but the crowd was silent throughout. Dinero looked good in his TNA debut. Raven has yet to have a match that felt even the slightest bit important.
Goldylocks is with Konnan. She brings up the SAT’s failing against Jerry Lynn. Konnan promises a real luchadore will be here tonight. He says he has the real thing tonight as Juventud Guerrera walks in. Konnan runs down his credentials and says that everyone else in the X Division was watching tapes of Juvy, ripping off his moves. Konnan speaks in Spanish then Juvy pinches Goldylocks in the ass before walking off.
Juventud Guerrera w/Konnan vs. Jerry Lynn
Tenay mentions how Juvy was a three-time WCW Cruiserweight Champion. Juvy gets the crowd going and they start chanting “juice.” They do some matwork to start as Tenay brings up how Juvy was his broadcast partner in WCW and that he knew eight words of English, stating how it was a Russo idea. They then engage in an awesome fast-paced sequence, ending in a standoff. Konnan goes on apron and gives advice to Juvy. They do some more counters until Juvy chops him in the corner. Juvy takes Lynn down with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors but gets caught with an inverted atomic drop. Lynn puts him in the Gory Special but Juvy gets out and snaps off a rana. Lynn catches him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that gets two. Juvy crushes Lynn with a spinkick and taunts the crowd. After a struggle, Lynn picks up Juvy and crotches him on the ropes. Juvy rolls through a sunset flip and kills Lynn with a basement dropkick. Juvy gets a tornado DDT and Lynn goes outside. Juvy feigns a dive and hits a springboard somersault dive. Very nice. Lynn floats over on a suplex then hits an inverted suplex, with Juvy landing on the apron. Lynn gets his apron leg drop then gets two off of a dropkick. Lynn tries a tornado DDT but Juvy turns that into a Northern Lights suplex then attempts to segue into the Juvy Driver. Lynn floats over and starts a series of float over attempts that ends with Juvy getting an inverted gordbuster for two. Konnan yells at Juvy to finish him as both men are down. The crowd is chanting for Juvy. Juvy gets two off of a sitout powerbomb. Lynn gets two off of a rollup in the corner and that triggers an awesome pinfall reversal sequence. Juvy lands on his feet after a German suplex then gets two off of a bulldog. Lynn, out of nowhere really, gets a bridging rollup for the win (9:10) ***1/2. After the match, Konnan gets up in Juvy’s face and pushes him around. They then walk up the ramp together.
Thoughts: Really good stuff. Juvy brough his “A” game in the ring, but spent a lot of time doing babyface antics, when he should have been the heel. The best X Division match in quite some time.
Goldylocks is back with Siaki. She asks when Russo is getting back and Siaki is pacing around nervously. Moritmer Plumtree walks up looking for Vince and Siaki pushes him away. Total throwaway segment.
AJ Styles vs. Sandman
This is a no DQ match. Sandman stops off to grind with TNA cage dancer Lollipop before entering the ring. He then pours a beer down a fan’s throat while smoking a cigarette. Sandman looks more trashed than usual. AJ stops the Sandman’s routine with a somersault tope. He tosses him back inside and grounds him using some matwork. Sandmn also tries to wrestle and it’s really terrible. AJ murders him with a kick to the chest and gets two. Damn, that was stiff. AJ tosses the garbage can in the ring and tries to drop toehold the Sandman into it but he jumps over and grabs the can, smashing it off of AJ’s face. The camera cuts to Lollipop, who looks enamored with Sandman, then cuts back to the Sandman. He lays the table across the ring apron and guardrail but AJ knocks him down with a baseball slide. He tries to splash Sandman through the table but he moved away. AJ ducks a pair of Singapore Cane shots, one of which nearly took out the ref, and crushes Sandman with another stiff kick. AJ wedges the chair into the corner. He tries to hit he Styles Clash but Sandman breaks that up with a cane shot. Sandman catapults AJ into the chair and hits him with mounted punches. Raven then runs in and breaks that up with a chairshot and AJ hits a top rope Styles Clash for the win (5:56) **
Thoughts: AJ was a miracle worker here, making this match very entertaining to watch. Sandman hasn’t seemed the slightest bit sober in TNA and has swinging the cane wildly, more so than usual.
Don West runs down next week’ show:
Kid Kash defending the X Division Title
Raven vs. Sandman in a Clockwork House of Orange Match. Funny, as neither announcer had a clue as to what the stipulations are for that type of match.
The lights then go off and the spotlight shines on Raven. He says that Sandman sidetracked his quest for the gold and will put that off in order to fight him. Raven says that we will have to wait until next week to see the set-up of this match as his words will not do it any justice.
Video package of Dusty Rhodes in TNA.
Dusty Rhodes & Vader vs. Harris Brothers w/Sonny Siaki & Desire
Before the match, Dusty references how he trained Siaki and broke Desire into wrestling. Ron and Vader start things off. They slug it out for a bit until Vader hits a corner splash. He hits an overhead suplex then a splash for two. The camera shows Ron Killings standing in the bleachers, looking unhappy, as Dusty and Don tag into the match. Tenay mentions how Dusty’s son, Cody,  just won the Georgia State High School Wrestling Championship at 189 lbs. Harris Brothers double team Dusty and Siaki hits him with a cheapshot. Dusty is bleeding as the Harris Brothers take turns punching Dusty. Eventually, Dusty starts to hulk up but the Harris’ double team him. Dusty gets an elbow smash then a low blow but cannot make the tag. Dusty fights back and hits the bionic elbow and makes the tag. Vader cleans house and Dusty knocks down Don with an elbow. Siaki runs in and dusty hits him with an elbow and the ref rings the bell for the DQ (5:43) ½*. Vader hits Siaki with the Vader Bomb and Dusty belts Desire on the ass. She escapes as Nikita Koloff sneaks into the ring but Dusty hits him with the bionic elbow.
Thoughts: I have no idea why this match couldn’t have had a clean finish. Vader looked okay in the ring, even though he looked twice the size of Dusty.
Goldylocks is outside with Sandman. He is drinking with Simon & Swinger as they recall staying in WCW until the end, unlike Raven.
Vince Russo comes down to the ring, which has a “Welcome Home Jeff” banner hanging off the ropes. There is a table and a bottle of champagne in the ring as he calls for Jarrett. A tape plays with Russo’ sons. They say that they love him and they are now going down memory lane, how Russo was consumed with his work and not available. They show an insert of Russo at the bottom corner as his oldest son talks about his obsession with his work and how he is a shitty father in general. Russo is shown wiping away a tear then tells Jarrett he went low with and calls his son a “little shit.” Saying he could have poker games after school and watch Howard Stern after their mom went to bed. Vince promises to beat the crap out of his son then Jarrett’s music hits. He tells Russo that his family used to be his life but now he is obsessed with SEX. Jarrettt removes his SEX shirt and tells the crowd that Russo was met with a shotgun and ran away like a bitch then runs down to the ring. He beats on Jarrett until Brian Lawler and David Flair run in and attack Jarrett. Erik Watts then runs in and chokeslams Jarrett through the table. Watts grabs the mic says he is here to let Jarrett know that he will regret what they did to them.
Final Thoughts: The show had a really good match but the SEX stuff and the Russo/Jarrett feud need to end ASAP. It consumes the entire show. No one watching live or at home believed that Jarrett actually joined SEX either. The group of Watts, Lawler, and Flair would have been cool if it was comprised of their fathers because these three are all terrible. If Lynn continues to wrestle luchadores each week, I have no problem with that and the AJ/Raven feud seems promising so there are at least some positives to the show.