CM Punk Question

I know that CM Punk is now at a clear main event level right behind Cena as the company's number 2 guy, between the long title reign and getting to work two main events with The Rock. However, he lost both of those main events, lost last night against Cena on RAW for the WrestleMania title shot, and if he is indeed Undertaker's opponent at WrestleMania, that is four very high profile losses in a short span. Do you think that will damage CM Punk somewhat? And also I know after a long title reign you should do some jobs to return the favor, but aren't they then waisting that by using his losses on Undertaker and The Rock? (The Cena loss made sense storyline wise as he had to get over the hurdle of CM Punk on his way to overcoming The Rock at WrestleMania)

Yeah, but losing two title matches to the Rock is the equivalent of beating Sheamus 18 times, or Dolph Ziggler 142 times.  It's just simple math.
That being said, yeah, it's not ideal to beat Punk a bunch of times and then have him get beat by Undertaker as well, but really what's the alternative?  Punk's the second-biggest star in the company, Undertaker sure as hell isn't gonna take his life into his hands working with Brock, and everyone else on the roster is so far down the totem pole that the Undertaker rub would be worthless anyway.  Maybe Mark Henry with a bigger run-up, but they've barely had time to establish him again.  Turn Ryback heel?  They've already beat him a bunch of times and the shine is gone.  Punk is a credible guy who can take the loss and milk it for months afterwards bitching about it, so they might as well.