Road to Wrestlemania Monday Night Open Mic

Well what a difference a week makes?

Undertaker returns for house shows this past weekend and Jack Swagger gets popped for pot.

The former has me intrigued. Was this a test run to see if his body could handle a physical match? Was all the talk about him being broken down just talk? How did the crowd respond (I am assuming they went ape s---)? If he is involved at Wrestlemania do they go ahead with the Punk match or go in a different direction (Mark Henry maybe? I know they have faced before but it seems like both guys would be a better fit this time around.)

The latter has me intrigued too. This is a spot where the WWE could easily slam the door on Swagger but the outside heat the Swagger/Coulter package has received might force them to see it through. Either way I don’t think they can put the title on him because he’s just not a reliable guy. Of course it’s just as easy to dump the pothead and go with Mark Henry in the same role. Mark Henry is American…hell he’s an Olympian so it actually works out well for him.  Plus he’s already beating up Sin Cara and he’s Mexican so it almost would make sense for Del Rio to come to the save of his fellow countryman.

Also this Shield thing has me thinking…how much is a well-worked six-man tag match? If the right guys involved you never have to worry about a bad worker being stuck in the ring too long. Give a six-man tag with good workers 12-14 minutes and they deliver. Case in point when the “Smackdown Six” all appeared in the same match good things happened. Or when the Radicalz first arrived you could pair them with three capable faces and it was an easy ***1/2+ match. So rock on Shield. More six-man tags the better.

Anyway enjoy the show and come out swinging but keep it clean.