Maximizing Mania

Hi Scott,

Two questions.

1. I know that we all know that Cena/Rock 2 doesn't matter all that much – it's Mania and people but tickets for the brand name. My question is if they went Brock vs. Rock, with an entirely undefeated Lesnar for the year (no Cena loss) and Cena/Taker, how much would it effect the ppv buy rate? I just don't see this year performing as well based on the current matchups.
2. What matches do you really want to see as a fan?

1.  According to Meltzer, Brock v. Rock is already penciled in for Wrestlemania XXX, so there you go.  I think the buyrate is going to be the same either way, to be honest.  There's no real "superfight" to pop the buyrate massively higher, like the proposed UFC champion Brock v. Undertaker's streak match would have done.  

2.  Of the current guys?  Cena v. Undertaker would have some awesome drama attached to it.  I want to see Batista come back and see him and Brock beat the living f--- out of each other, preferably at Wrestlemania next year.  Also, Brock v. Mark Henry?  BOOK THAT S---.  Mizark is gonna turn himself babyface soon anyway.