December PPVs

Hey Scott,

I had an interesting take on something. I've been watching a lot of WWE PPVs lately from the month of December, and a lot of it is pretty darn good. I mean, December seems to have the reputation of a filler month PPV, and while there were some stinkers in there like 1998, 2003 and perhaps one of the worst PPVs of all time in 2004, I think it has delivered a handful of quality shows, moments and matches. For example:
95 – Bret/Bulldog
97 – Beginning of Rock/Stone Cold rivalry
99 – McMahon/Helmsley era begins, Jericho's first title win
00 – Six pack Hell in a Cell
01 – Undisputed title match series
02 – HBK/HHH 3 Stages of Hell, Benoit/Guerrero
05 – Taker/Orton Hell in a Cell
06 – Fatal 4 way tag team ladder match
07 – Edge/Batista/Taker, Jericho/Orton, HBK/Kennedy
08 – Edge/HHH/Hardy, Cena/Jericho, Orton/Batista, Mysterio/Punk
09-12 – I feel all 4 of the TLC PPVs have been very entertaining top to bottom cards and have provided a slew of great matches.

In my opinion, it seems like December is a highly underrated month in the pantheon of WWE PPVs. Would love to get your thoughts and some good discussion going on the blog, thanks.

My right hand shift key is working properly again!  Holy fuck that annoying.  Ever try to adjust your typing by only using one side of the keyboard?  What a pain.
Anyway, the December PPV has traditionally been the one I will skip and ignore 99% of the time, and given that it's drawn some of the lowest buyrates in the history of the company, many people agree with me.  In fact they should just scrap it and go right from Survivor Series to Royal Rumble.  This past one was the first December PPV I've actually ordered, not counting Starrcades.  All the other ones I've ranted on right away were either watched at friend's house or done on DVD when it was released soon after.  I think I still have the 2010 show on DVD sitting on my review pile, in fact.  It just tends to be SUCH a forgettable show I don't know why they even bother with it.  Yeah, the last couple have been great but does anyone really remember stuff like the Punk-Del Rio TLC match?  
So in conclusion, fuck my keyboard, it sucks.