Promoting my first novel!

Hey Scott,

Long-time fan, occasional commenter on the site, and have sent in some questions before. I’ve also bought a couple of your books in the past. And SPEAKING of books…
My first novel has just been released by Pro Se Pulp Press. They specialize in pulp-style stories like Doc Savage and The Shadow.
My novel, the first in a series I call The Armadillo Mysteries, is called The City of Smoke and Mirrors. Its star, Dilbert Pinkerton, is a mutant armadillo private detective. He digs for the truth. His first adventure takes him to Nevermore Bay, home of the mysterious vigilante, The Buzzard. The book is superhero detective fiction, heavily inspired by my favourite author, Simon R Green (who wrote the fantasy detective series, The Nightside). I’ve also been told that fans of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files will also like this.
Here’s the Amazon link for the book, available both in print and digitally:
And of course, I heartily thank anyone who picks it up and do please let me know what they thought.
Nick C. Piers
Good luck!  I too really should get off my ass and do another couple of Kindle books.