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OK, I think the Montreal Screwjob was a work. See, I think they're gonna reveal that John Cena was in on it all along, as he was part of the ring crew, and wanted Bret Hart out of the picture so he could start his rise. Now, when they bought WCW, they should have had Cena come out then as part of WCW's B-Team. So, a few months before the big Survivor Series blow off, John starts running through a ton of WWE's guys, and then turns around and says that he's the leader of of WCW now. When they get to SS, he takes out everyone on the team by himself, and that establishes himself as the top guy, but then turns around and says he's been WWE the whole time. Right there that makes The Invasion worth it. Now, with the up-coming WM29, they turn John Cena heel, and says that's REALLY been WCW all along, and taking out the Rock and winning the WWE title at WM will be his ultimate revenge, along with taking out their top champion and such via the Montreal Screwjob. Perfect way to turn him heel. 

Now try and tell me that ain't brilliant.

OK, but does Cena still beat Brock last year?  Because I think that warrants more discussion as well.