Scott, Hope all is well.  I needed to vent and would like yours and BoDs feedback on this.  I'm so sick of hearing about a Cena heel turn.  Yes, he sucks.  Yes, he's boring.  Yes, his poopy jokes and smirk/no selling is awful.  However, he's still their top full time face draw, moved a shitload of merchandise, and does all the company stuff required from a top star.

Yea, a turn would draw money and open up endless feuds but who then becomes face 1?  Ryback?  Sheamus?  Everyone stop comparing it to the Hogan turn, the reason that went over so well is because (a) it was 2 DECADES in the making (b) Hall and Nash were the hottest act in wrestling.

My question to you is…am I way off base on this?  Do you think Vince ever pulls the trigger on this in say the next few years?  Thanks

Didn't you get the memo that we're not allowed to talk about Cena heel turns, Montreal conspiracies or Invasion rebooking anymore?  
Anyway, yes, it will undoubtedly happen and be awesome when it does, but as you noted, Cena is still drawing huge money as a babyface and there's no reason to replace him at this point.  The discussion then becomes "Who the f--- IS going to replace him?" but given Cena is still relatively young and not quite broken down yet, there's probably another decade of poopy jokes left in him. Sorry.