The Making of the New WWE Title

Pretty interesting story behind the new bel…er, *championship*, and why it took a year and a half to see the light of day.

Two things stand out to me here:
1)  STAN STANSKI IS A REAL PERSON?!  I thought it was just a goofy name they came up with for that jobber.
2)  How is "World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion" an "inexact" term?  And yet "WWE Champion" is somehow more exact?  Only in the WWE Universe, I guess.  
I also think it's funny that they spent $50,000 trying to find great concepts and thinking out of the box, but no one stopped to ask fans if it was something they'd like or even if the belt looked good.  Because if there's one group of people who understand wrestling belts, it's a bunch of middle aged marketing directors and toy executives.  
But hey, better than the spinner belt at least.