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I haven’t actually had a chance to watch RAW yet, but I think the final version of the new belt could grow on me.  It’s certainly not as horrific as the ugly spinner piece of crap, and the interchangeable plates are a clever idea.  And hey, $450s is a pretty reasonable price for an official replica belt.  Hopefully it won’t clash with Cena’s jorts too badly.

Addendum:  As noted, I haven’t watched either the PPV yet, but given they wanted to debut the new belt and Punk had possession of the old belt, am I the only one who can put two and two together?   Why did we not have a Curt Hennig tribute angle with a hammer or a Steve Austin tribute with a bridge?  Seems like it would fit perfectly with Punk’s character right now.  Plus I would RELISH the chance to watch someone smash that fucking piece of shit spinner belt into a thousand pieces.  RELISH IT.