BOD Daily Round-Up (2/19/13)

Apologies for this being late today, folks. Big personal issue went down today and i’ve only just remembered..

Scott Hall makes it to Atlanta (
‘Scott Hall did in fact make the trip to Atlanta to begin living with DDP and Jake Roberts.’

New WWE ‘title belt’ without Brahma b------- (
‘ has posted a photo of the new WWE Title belt
debuted on Raw tonight, and the belt is featured without the
personalized Brahma Bull side plates.’

Positive vibes after Elimination Chamber (
‘According to, the backstage feel after WWE Elimination Chamber was nothing but positive responses.’

@KiddWWE – could Swoggle make the cut these days for Cruiserweight division? That’s the question

@TheCurtHawkins – Ok, what’s worse… being the last cruiserweight champion or being the last “ECW” ? Discuss.

Comment of the Day 
TenGermans has the same worries as me in regards to Daniel Bryan. How much more can they job this guy out and expect him to KEEP being over..?:

Bryan is more over than Kane. He’s better on the mic than Kane. When it
comes to actual wrestling? No contest. Hell, he’s the reason Kane is
over right now.

So who on the team is the constant job guy?

Daniel Bryan.

WWE, ladies and gentlemen!

On This Day…
WCW presented Superbrawl V, which pitted Hulk Hogan against Big Van Vader in the main event. Hogan went over via DQ to retain the WCW World Heavyweight Title. (1995)

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