Road to Wrestlemania Monday Night Open Mic

Well I hope everyone had a good weekend, for many of us it was of the three-day variety.

I saw most of the Elimination Chamber and it was all right I guess. The six-man was obviously the highlight as it was brilliantly booked and I like the ring generalship of The Shield. After one big double-team move Rollins slid out the ring and gave a premature celebration. A minor thing but it’s that sort of enthusiasm for ass kicking that I enjoy. My husband actually called a Ryback heel turn during the match but the after match walk off all but spells out John Cena’s opponent at Extreme Rulez.

The chamber match was fine although a little slow in spots. I was starting to warm up to a Orton-ADR face-on-face clash because I think they could work a pretty good match with each other but instead we get Jack Swagger v4.1 or so. Maybe Dutch Mantel is going to be the difference. I don’t mind the fact that someone smarted up and got Jack a mouthpiece.

Rock-Punk was watchable. They actually did a much better job of working the stipulation into the match. Rock still isn’t in ring shape and the fact is he and Cena probably have better chemistry than he and Punk because they can just trade big power moves for a half hour while Punk operates as much more of a hybrid and isn’t going to be the bump machine Rock needs to play off of.

Just my opinion. Enjoy the show, come out swinging and keep it clean.