BOD Daily Round-Up (2/18/13)

Big Swagger/Dutch promo set for Raw tonight (
‘Colter talked about how Swagger had one of the greatest matches of his
career in the Chamber. Zeb revealed that they will give a President’s
Day State of the Union address on tonight’s RAW.’

Madden on ‘B+ wrestlers’ (
‘Bret Hart’s blistering critique of Triple H is ironic considering Triple H is exactly the same as Hart: A B-plus wrestler.’

JR full of praise for Dolph during Elimination Chamber PPV (
‘Jim Ross had high praise for Dolph Ziggler during last night’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, comparing him to Curt Hennig, Billy Gunn and Shawn Michaels’

@Arda_Ocal – Why wouldn’t the second referee get into the ring in the first place?

@WrestlingInc – Shane McMahon caption winner: “joegvo: Dad, I come from the future. Triple H is going to sell the company to Disney!”

Comment of the Day 
cultstatus doesn’t want a Cena/Rock trilogy. Are you bonkers?! What do you mean the Rock just stands there grinning for 5 minutes and says EVERYTHING twice?! He’s just EVOLVED, man! And Cena’s kept himself fresh in these ever changing times. You’re crazy, man:

With Rock saying he is coming back for WM 30, I have a feeling we’re
going to get the most unwanted trilogy since the Star Wars prequels.

On This Day…
Kerry Von Erich died at the age of 33. Kerry had achieved stardom in his WWF role as ‘The Texas Tornado’, as well as competing in the NWA. Below is a match against Shawn Michaels. (1993)

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